5 cars that failed to impress the Philippines in 2016

  • Jan 10, 2017

Let bygones be bygones and look forward to the fantastic year that awaits us. Like we forget and forgive bad memories and make a fresh start every year, likewise we should spare auto manufacturers who failed to comply with our expectations and presented not-so-impressive cars.

Here are five such cars from five different car manufacturers that failed to impress the Philippines audience in the year 2016.

Note this list nowhere reflects following cars commercial failure and is based on their low popularity. Also, it is just one point of view and can vary with that of the reader’s.

1. Honda BR-V


This car impressed or shall we say captured the attention of many, when Honda first announced to launch a car based on a whole new platform. The charm of BR-V slowly diminished as the car began with its global staging, starting with Indonesia. By the time it arrived in the Philippines, people were not so crazy about it, and BR-V looks and features failed to impress the Filipinos. The car was criticised on the grounds of not so attractive exterior, low-quality materials on the inside and cramped third-row.

2. Honda Jazz


Maybe many of our readers didn’t expect Jazz on the said list. But the car showed a low popularity graph ever since its arrival. It did well at first but failed to create an everlasting impression. Over the time as new cars were introduced in the segment, its graph fell, and the car disappeared into the busy lanes of the auto world.

3. Volkswagen CC


The car never enjoyed the attention a VW car is expected to get. Maybe because of its high price tag, conventional design or was it a victim of the infamous ‘VW scandal.' The reason is not clear but what is clear is this car’s failed attention grabbing attempt. VW CC is surely a strong candidate in the said list.

4. Chevrolet Sail


Next car to feature in the list is Chevrolet Sail; the said car was introduced at Manila International Auto Show with a hope to do well in the months to come. But after the event, no one seemed to remember the car much, and it ranked low on Filipino's Impression chart, despite it being a low-budget perfect family car.

5. Nissan Navara Sport Edition


The Philippines is a promising market for pickups, and that’s one of the reasons that so many great pickups are launched in the country every year. On such pickup was Nissan Navara Sports Edition, no doubt the car looked great with its striking exterior profile and equally mesmerising interior. But somehow, it failed to impress the Philippines audience and was quickly forgotten.

Remember, this list nowhere questions the quality and fines of these cars and is just an opinion regarding their popularity.

With this, we now come to end of our list, tell us about the cars you think least impressed you in 2016.


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