Hyundai Accent – Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort & Economy

  • Jun 14, 2016

MANILA: Hyundai, the Seoul-based automotive brand doesn't need any formal introduction, thanks to the cutting-edge technology and the stylish features it packs in its fleet which speaks of the virtue. The brand has a dense network of more than 5000 dealerships and sales stores across 193 countries worldwide which again states the popularity carried by the South Korean brand. Well, guess this brief introduction is enough to make someone, who is absolutely new to the auto world, understand the acclaim carried by Hyundai and when we talk about its subcompact sedan Accent, there is no exception. Hyundai Accent is a well-accepted car in the Philippines automotive market with the same Hyundai traits and legacy. Though, Hyundai was unable to secure a position among the top 5 auto brands reported by CAMPI according to the sales of May 2016, but that has not disheartened Hyundai and it is pretty satisfied with its individual sales numbers. The company claimed to achieve 39 percent growth in the Q1 2016 in comparison to the same period of the year 2015. This is definitely exceptional!

The overall elevation in the sales figures is pretty impressive and Hyundai Accent has its fair share of contribution which has ensured this big achievement for the South Korean brand. What makes this sedan so popular and its competitors so insecure in the Philippines automotive market? What are the features which this sedan offers to its customers which further elevate the sales graph of Hyundai? Let's have a quick look at the key features which Hyundai Accent carries under its name -

Stunning Styling

Accent Fluidic Design

Hyundai is well known for creating stylish cars with features that can attract any onlooker. Allowing the same signature trait in the 2016 Hyundai Accent, the manufacturer has given fluidic sculpture to this sedan. This particular feature gives an impression of constant motion which surely is one of the best features in this drive. Apart from this, Hyundai's signature hexagonal grille and well-creased hood make this drive look good. Features, which further accentuate the appearance of this drive are the distinctive daylight opening, rising beltline, sculpted character lines and side mirrors along with turn signal indicators. Surely, Hyundai must be thinking to create something really stunning which resulted in Accent.

Economical On Daily Commutation

While purchasing a family car, one important factor which anyone considers is the fuel economy. After all, you would not like to stop at every gas station to refill your car's fuel tank. Well, Hyundai understands this priority of its customers and so it has plotted such engines which are pretty economical while consuming fuel. Whether it is the 1.6-litre CRDi VGT engine or the smaller 1.4-litre Kappa Dual CVVT power-unit, both of them are decently efficient, delivering 17.9 kmpl and 16.9 kmpl mileage in city respectively.

Loads of Space

Accent Spacious interior

Hyundai Accent is designed to accommodate 5 passengers in total. To ensure the comfort and ample space in this cabin, the manufacturer has given appropriate dimensions where the wheelbase measures to 2570 mm. This wheelbase is bigger than Toyota Vios which is even bigger in length than Hyundai Accent. The well-calculated dimensions make sure that all the 5 occupants get enough room even if they are 6 feet. This cabin offers 1014 mm of headroom to the front and 946 mm to the rear passengers. The legroom allowed in this Hyundai sedan counts to 1062 mm for the front and 846 mm for the rear seats occupants. Talking about the shoulder room in Hyundai Accent, 1364 mm is to the front and 1356 mm is to the rear seat passengers.

Ride & Handling

Accent Ride

Hyundai Accent is created to comfort its passengers and if they are experiencing any discomfort during the drives, then the purpose is not solved. To deliver smooth driving experience even on patchy city roads, Hyundai has equipped Accent with McPherson strut type with coil spring front suspension along with coupled torsion beam axle rear suspension. Both of these suspensions, together, work efficiently and absorb all the jolts and jerks which the passengers would have experienced on uneven roads. Apart from this, the overall solid build-up of this drive is capable of handling the coarseness of the bumpy roads pretty well without letting the passengers feel any of it. Also, the engine sounds extremely quiet even when it is pushed to high revs.

Loaded With Comfort

Accent Loaded with equipment

As mentioned earlier, Hyundai Accent is designed with a mission to offer the best of comfort to the occupants. The stylish cabin of this South Korean drive is well furnished with all the modern amenities which can comfort and make the drives convenient for the passengers. Just check out the interior and you would agree with us that Hyundai Accent has an inviting interior which uplifts the class and gives a great feel to its occupants. The dashboard has been generously garnished with chrome accents to add the luxury factor to this front. The fully loaded console and instrument cluster consisting trip computer provides all the information necessary for the driver. Adding to this is the advanced infotainment facility comprising integrated AM/FM, MP3, Bluetooth, AUX, USB and an LCD touchscreen depending on the trim.


Hyundai Warranty

Hyundai is counted among the leading automakers across the world and it would be really offensive to doubt its technology or overall drive. But then, we believe that every buyer thinks of the upcoming expenses in terms of spares and services which their newly purchased drive is going to enjoy in another couple of years once it is out of the showroom. To further give a confidence to these customers about the quality of its cars and to pamper its own creation for some more time, Hyundai provides 5 years or 100,000 kms warranty. So, even if you are not using your Hyundai Accent for regular commutation and worried that the warranty would lapse after exact 5 years from the date of purchase, it's not the case.


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