\"S-Oil Corporation instigated a Creative Car Parking Concept that conserves Fuel and Energy\"

  • Dec 10, 2015

Visualize that you are in high spirits and getting all set for work, party, trip, etc., with all the positivity and enthusiasm to reach the destination well on time, however when you surface at the location, you find yourself among the hustle and bustle in the herd of cars. No doubt that it's a troubling issue at the first place in the process of losing out time of the actual event that would have already started by then. In this regard, the S-Oil Corporation transformed this painful experience into a stress-free piece of work.

S Oil Campaign Picture

This was visualized to be executed in reality by S-Oil Korea that came up with an ingenious concept of conserving the valuable fuel and time of the localities in that country chiefly due to to the high population density and fuel cost (South Korea is referred as the country deprived of oil along with the excessive gasoline usage). In concern with the large population size the car parking spaces becomes limited, under which one requires traveling minimum 500 metres to track down space for their vehicle that can be determined as 15 kilometres per car on a monthly basis. That is a disturbing number right?? So, with the proposition to conserve the valuable deficient resources from the earth, S-Oil Corporation originated the “S-Oil here balloon campaign” that indicates that whenever anyone approaches at a location to search for a suitable space to park in the common course of events it is pretty challenging as well as physically exhausting. So in that circumstance, this “Here Balloon” is tied near the positioned vehicles where it comes down (that signals that there is no vacancy that area), and on the opposite situation when the car exits the “Here Balloon” shows up high in air (that is a straight away significance that at where all one can discover the parking location(s)). This concept served as a rescuer in safeguarding 1 litre of oil per automobile that in total range comes as 1 day= 700 cars= 23 litres= 365 days= Incredible!!. This fascinating attribute made a benchmark on the mindset of the end costumers and also the competitive business players for positioning a tagline for itself as the “Oil Conserving Brand.”

Campaign HERE Balloon Image

Video Courtesy: Cheilworldwide

In the actuality, it takes tremendous efforts and time to establish goodwill for rising as a shining star in the competitive marketplace. It equally applies to both product and service sector and it is doubtless to state that this exemplary milestone of “S-Oil Corporation” has turned to bring radical change amidst the rival oil and gas brands but has also comforted lives of endless commuters. It's disappointing that this campaign is confined to the boundaries of South Korea, nonetheless it is still under the scope of expansion that can be made possible through initiation on a global level. Additionally, it will help in dodging the national loss of fuel across countries.

S Oil South Korea Photograph

In the end it can be concluded that this campaign reached the zenith of success with its ardent approach to introducing dynamic of advertising parallel to this it had also created a strong bond with the customers with the mediums of OOH and Social Media Marketing (keeping into view the entire age bracket from children to adults, wherein children especially attracted towards balloons). Occupying valuable space in the hearts of the consumers is all about resolving the realistic day to day issues. The moral of this “Car Parking Concept” is remarkable and worth spreading the word.


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