The Debut Presence of “The Rock” in Ford Advertisement

  • Dec 24, 2015

Kuala Lumpur: We get to see more than 10 advertisements in the entire span of watching a programme every day, isn't it?? However, not all advertisements are that special and attractive for us, right? but what if among those advertisements you get to spot a prominent celebrity or your favorite star? Wouldn't that be really awesome, and worth watching time and again, yes no doubt we all are star struck be it on television, theater or in reality.

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Check out the article below, highlighting Dwayne Johnson, or popularly known as "The Rock", who made a debut in the Ford Advertisement.

The Ford Advertisement has presented Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who is prominently famous as a Semi-Professional Wrestler associated with WWE and for his experience in the field of acting and film production. Dwayne Johnson has excelled in the area of movies and has now made a debut presenting his acting skills in the Ford Advertisement. The theme of this ad was “Meet The Team” with specialized serviceman standing on their toes to serve the customers, giving an assurance of quality services. The duration of this advertisement is 35 seconds, showcasing Dwayne as the leader of the mechanics mainly focusing on the idea of making the users of Ford approach only at the Authorized Ford Service Stations thereby, to avail the varied services.

Video Courtesy: Ford Vehicles

The main motivation behind pursuing this advertisement is owing to the fact that Dwayne Johnson had a fascination for Ford Brand as he himself owns 3 Ford Cars in which his personal favorite includes Ford F-150. He partnered with Ford on the additional ethical fact that Ford endeavors to deliver best services to its consumers, believing on this very statement he also mentions that audience matter in every aspect is it anything pertaining to a product or service. A brand creates a good image eventually by years of hard work and dedication, which is very well portrayed in this advertisement where Dwayne inquires his teammates/serviceman about the updates of the services under consideration and promises that Ford keeps its consumers at the first place along with their demand on priority delivery the best with the use of high-end technology implementation. It is an interesting piece of information about Dwayne Johnson that can add a shiny finish to this write up that he owned his first car from the Ford Brand when he was merely 13 years old, having Ford Classic 77 Blue Thunder Bird.

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We can surely conclude that this hunk has given total justice to the character of an automotive professional, and his acting became all the more realistic due to his true admiration for Ford Cars and appreciation for Ford Services. The huge fan following of this actor and ford as a brand has garnered 51,953 views on its official Ford Vehicles You Tube Channel till date. This ad was officially released on various advertising platforms including Social Media (with Twitter being in major hype), Digital Platforms and Radio presenting Rock as the official Spokesperson for Ford Services.


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