Will Chevy Sail Dominate Over the Existing Leaders?

  • Apr 12, 2016

MANILA: Ding Dong! Who is there? It’s Chevy knocking the B-segment category of Philippines auto market. Yes, we are talking about the latest entrant from the model line-up of the American auto marque, Sail, which is ready to dig in roots in the country offering stiff time for the competitors like Mitsubishi Mirage G4 and Honda Brio Amaze. The B-segment sedan has made its way to the Philippines via Manila International Auto Show 2016, which got recently wrapped up on 10th April. However, it was just a trailer of a new story as it would be up for grabbing within couple of months across the dealership outlets in the country, possibly in the month of June, 2016, which would certainly be the month to look forward to, for the Japanese auto brands that have cemented their positions in this segment of the automotive world not only in Philippines, but around the globe. But, will the new entrant be able to outclass the current leaders of the segment? The answer lies in the following section, stay glued and find out.

sail front profile


So, to start off, we have the first factor that’ll differentiate the three prominent players of the B-segment, latest Sail sedan, Brio Amaze, and Mitsubishi Mirage G4. First up is the new Sail, design wise the car looks appealing and well proportioned in comparison to the others. It holds the styling cues that are good enough to attract the audience in one go. While talking about the Brio Amaze, its design is relatively outdated and doesn’t fascinate every petrol head. It can be regarded as a choice for a particular section of the audience rather than masses. On the other hand, we have Mirage G4, which is aimed to impress the youth with its bold appearance, which is also not alluring as compared to Sail.

mirage g4 front

Fuel Economy

Talking about the capability of the vehicle to run on every litre of fuel, Sail would probably lag behind the likes of Brio Amaze and Mirage G4. The specially designed and small engine of Mirage G4 would propel in this case leaving the rivals stunned. However, the real numbers will be out once the Sail gets to hit the Philippine roads from June.

amaze front profile


Model Sail Mirage G4 Brio Amaze
Engine 1.3/1.5-litre 1.2-litre DOHC 3-cylinder 1.3-litre SOHC 4-cylinder
Power 100/110 PS 78 PS 100 PS
Torque - 100 Nm 127 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission 5-speed manual or CVT 5-speed manual & 5-speed automatic transmission

sail interior


Stepping inside, the Sail’s cabin gives you a pleasant feel and its ergonomically designed dashboard is perfect to lure any auto enthusiast. The seats are wrapped inside plush material with adequate cushioning capable of providing the passengers an utmost comfort. While, Brio Amaze’s dash is uniquely-designed as its exterior that again isn’t everyone's cup of tea and would only attract a particular section of the society rather than the masses. G4 too does not possess alluring interior or the one which can take you to an altogether new level.

mirage g4 interior


The aspects discussed above might help you to analyze the best option for you according to your needs. However, leaving behind the factors and qualities each car possesses, the segment is certainly expected to touch a new level with the inclusion of new B-segment sedan, Chevrolet Sail.

amaze interior

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