BMW Self-Driving 5 Series and Hologram Interior revealed at CES

  • Jan 05, 2017

MANILA: The Consumer Electronic Show is a platform where latest technologies and innovations are showcased and from past few years, automakers have shown a positive response by participating in the show. Each year, multiple automakers showcase their creativity and future plans and this year, BMW has not missed marking its presence in the show.


This year, BMW has showcased its hologram interior and self-driving 5 Series prototype at the CES.


Talking about the Inside Future sculpture, it features BMW HoloActive Touch. There is a screen projected above the center console through which users can control infotainment functions with just finger movements. With the help of the new interface, users don’t have to touch the vehicle at all to activate the controls.


The other highlight from BMW, the self-driving 5 Series prototype can take over acceleration, braking, and steering on a planned route. This helps the driver to concentrate on other activities.  In the demonstration, it was displayed that the prototype first took permission from the exhibition center and then parked itself in the pre-reserved valet parking area. Once reaching the parking spot, a robot greets the occupants and guides them towards the exit.


The parking is initiated once everyone is out of the car. It is also equipped with a Remote 3D view, which allows drivers to check where the car is parked on their smartphones. This feature is likely to be equipped in the new 5 Series as well. BMW is not only showing the autonomous capabilities but, also some of the new connectivity features. The list includes BMW Connected and the Open Mobility Cloud data management system, which optimizes the route based on the appointments you have mentioned.


In addition to this, BMW is also showcasing the Microsoft Cortana integration at CES. This system helps you to find a nearby restaurant after taking voice command. The system not only finds the restaurants near you but, also matches the available options with the user’s preference to give an optimized list. It can also book a table in the desired restaurant.

Let's see what else CES has in its store for us and what new innovations we will see in the coming days. 


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