4 Indicators That Shout - \"Scrap Your Car\"

  • May 17, 2016

MANILA: We know the title of this article might has shaken your conscious and you might have already started thinking of all the possible ways to save your beloved car from scrapping it. But, let's face the reality. You might be using an economical hatch for past 3 decades and love it like a family member, but when it comes to utility and economy, it sips fuel like a luxury sedan and requires maintenance every other day. If you are confused whether your car should be still used or scrapped, here is a quick guide which would help you in determining the right move.

Expensive on Pocket

Expensive on Pocket

If your car is the most expensive member of the family making you spend a big part of your income on it regularly, it is high time to not to think twice and scrap this car. Every car has an age and it depends on how you have maintained it so far. So, when your car is old and requires servicing after every run, makes a hell of the noise, sips gallons of fuel, requires repairs and replacement of spares at frequent intervals, it is time to bid it bye.

Not in Accordance to MOT

Department of Transportation and Communications

With every passing year, the parts of your car become older and inefficient due to constant wear and tear. Such spares should be replaced or repaired else they cause further damage to the vital parts of the car causing serious issues. Many countries follow strict transport regulations set by their respective Ministry of Transport especially on carbon emissions and pollution levels and if your car is emitting pollution more than the permitted level, you might have to face a heavy penalty for the same. So, if there is no scope of repairs left in your car, you should better scrap it.

One Step Towards Environment

Be Eco-Friendly

The majority of old cars can be seen throwing pollution in tons which is a big concern these days. Ideally, a car should not emit more than 133 g/km of carbon and if your car falls in the category where it emits more than 182g/km of carbon, it requires serious and immediate attention. Such cars better deserve scrapyards and not garages. The best part is that if your car is scrapped through certified scrappers, as much as 80 percent of that scrap can be recycled and reused for something better.

No Resale value

No Resale Value

You advertised for your car but found no buyer even after genuine efforts. Did you try to figure out the reason? Well, nobody would like to buy a car that is too old and proves to be a liability than an asset. To know if your car is eligible for resale, you can check classified on the internet and local listings to find the priorities of the prospective customers on the basis of make and model. If you find the model of your car on low listings, you should better start thinking of scrapping it rather than blocking a place in your garage for this car.

Finally, if you have figured that it is time to get rid of your old car and scraping is the right option, we would advise you to do it through certified scrappers. These people have got the latest machineries and know the environmental-friendly way to turn your oldie into a piece of scrap which can be further reused in the most appropriate way.

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