9 Questions to Ask Before Borrowing Your Friend\'s Car

  • Oct 28, 2015

MANILA: Thinking of borrowing your friend's hot mean machine to impress your hot chic, then this is a must read. Though, it is not at all bad idea to borrow a car for a day or two but there are things you should be aware of before you step inside that alien cabin and turn on the ignition. And believe us if you don't, you'll regret skipping this article.

Inspired, from a friend's personal experience, who, unfortunately, did the same mistake, we thought over and jot down eight important questions that will allow you to have a joyous ride.

Coming straight to the point, down under are 9 must-ask questions, you must shoot your friend with -

Fuel Diet Type:


Sounds stupid, but imagine a situation where the car runs out of fuel and you approach at the gas station clueless about the fuel to go inside. Nor will be embarrassing (in front of your girl & fuel filler) but will also make you look stupid.

So, remember to ask – Is it a petrol or diesel car?

Fuel Tank Lid:


Yes, this too. So after knowing about the fuel diet, next you should ask about the button/pull or push system that will let open the lid. If you skip asking this and god forbid if your friend doesn't pick your phone then be ready for some treasure hunt kind situation

So, your next question – How to open the fuel lid?

Boot-Bumper Lid:


Planning a day or two long trip, then imagine yourself standing outside the car with luggage in hand, wondering how the hell this boot gate will open. You can avoid this situation by asking about the buttons that will help you with the same.

So, your question should be – Where's the boot/bumper opener?

Infotainment System Puzzle:

What-the-hell (1)

Each car comes with a different cum unique audio-nav system and it is always better to understand all the functioning beforehand. As the same will allow you to use all entertainment functions to the fullest.

So, the question – Would you please explain, how this thing works?

Air-con System


Think of a long journey, with extreme hot/cold weather following and you set ideal with no option to comfort yourself. This can happen if you fail to understand the air-con functioning properly. With so many buttons present on the dashboard, a good understanding of all is a must.

So, you'll ask – How can I operate the air-con system?

Seat Adjustment:


A journey whether long or short requires a good seating position. These days’ cars come with 4, 8, and even 16-way adjustment, so it's better to learn about it before leaving your friends place.

So, your question should be – Can you please explain me the seat adjustment mess?

Windscreen Washer & Wiper:

maxresdefault (1)

Each car has a different button that activates its windscreen washer, plus these days we have rain sensor wipers. We would thus suggest you to take proper knowledge of both, so that in the case of need you don't find yourself helpless.

So, it's better to ask- Which button activates the washer and how does the wiper function?



Always ask which transmission system powers the car, whether it runs on an automatic or manual one. If it's a manual transmission, remember to ask how the reverse gear works and if you are about to drive the automatic one and that too for the first time, please understand all the functioning properly.

So, dude ask this – Which transmission system powers your car?

Basic Equipment (Handbrake):


Yes, you won’t be borrowing your friend’s boring hatch to get your girl sit next to you. If the car borrowed is an actual mean machine then the equipment will be ultra-light and comfortable. Don’t be mistaking it to have a stretch out handbrake, as you won’t be applying much efforts on it.

So, your next question is nothing here, but just check out the things stuffed there. Make sure your friend’s assistance is there else you may find it difficult to get the keys.


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