After a Hatch, Know What Should be your Next Car ?

  • Jun 07, 2016

MANILA: Talking of Asia specifically, where the major percentage of the population falls under middle-class and upper middle-class segment, it has been observed that entry or mid level hatches are the primary choices of a first-time car buyer. Why? if you may ask, it's because of their easy affordability, low on maintenance and superb mileage attributes. But these small cars miss out on points like spacing both in cabin and boot, luxury, class and many comfort and convenience features.

So, if you are an individual whose first car was a hatchback and now are eager to try your hand on a different segment altogether then this article is for you.

Please Note - The price range may vary according to the brand, model and variant (base, mid or top) you wish to choose.

1. When should you pick a sedan after a hatch?

sedan  segment cars

Sedan is a car segment that is synonymous with class, especially over a hatch. So, if you are an individual who is looking for a car that adds a hint of class and elegance to your personality along with standard amenities like a spacious cabin, comparatively bigger boot and better comfort and convenience features over a hatch then cars in sedan segment are the perfect pick for you. Plus, if you are a working commuter, whose daily schedule mainly includes going to and fro work with zero off-roading trips then my friend there in no better option than buying a sedan.

Here are few options you can opt -

Entry Level Sedan (PhP 500,000 to PhP 750,000) : Honda Brio Amaze, Mitsubishi Mirage G4, Suzuki Swift Dzire

Top Level Sedan (PhP 750,000 to PhP 1,000,000) : Honda City, Toyota Vios, Suzuki Ciaz

2. When is crossover a better second car option after a hatch?

CROSSOVER  segment cars

Crossover is a segment that is evolved from two different segments and here we are restricting ourselves to the cars that are emerged from a hatch and SUV. Now, coming to the points that'll explain us that under what conditions they are a better second car option over a hatch. First of all, if you wish to buy an SUV but its huge price bracket is limiting you from buying one then crossover is a perfect alternative. Secondly, over a hatch, they avail more legroom, headroom, and a bigger boot. Also if riding through rough terrains and bad road patches or in short roads that require good ground clearance are a part of your driving route, then crossover will serve your purpose well.

Here a few options you can opt from -

Crossover (PhP 1,000,000 to 1,500,000)- Honda CR-V, Nissan Juke, Chevrolet Trax, and Ford EcoSport

3. When would buying an SUV prove a better option after a hatch?

 MPV segment cars

If your hatch and above-mentioned crossover for that matter are not able to satisfy your need for power and performance then it's only a sports utility vehicle that has the ability to quench your thirst for dominance over the road. So, if you are a speed lover, who loves going off-roading and enjoys peak power and maximum torque, and above all has the means to satisfy all this, then there is nothing better than an SUV.

Here are a few options you can opt from -

SUV (PhP 1,300,000 to PhP 1,800,000) - Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu mu-X, Ford Everest and Chevrolet Trailblazer

4. When is MPV a better option after a hatch?

mpv segment cars

Your second car after a hatch should be an MPV if the former is not able to fit in your 6 to 7 member family, you value comfort over looks and going on road trips is a monthly affair for you. All-in-all if all you want is a family car that offers decent performance along with fair mileage then this segment will not disappoint you.

Here are a few options you can opt from -

MPV( PhP 1,000,000 to PhP 1,600,000) - Toyota Innova, Mitsubishi Adventure


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