Car Care Guide for New & Young Buyers

  • Jul 05, 2016

MANILA: Having one's first car is an indescribable feeling, which is very much similar to the moment when we were presented with our first bike. The excitement, eagerness to show it to all and the care with which we kept it, all comes back in short flashback moments. But guys, there is a lot of difference when it comes to taking care of your car, as, unlike your first bike, this four-wheeled possession is way too complex and costly.

People will give you n-number of tips on how to keep your car in perfect shape. And there are chances that recommendations of two different individuals vary. Thus, we'll always advise you to go with the professional say. As there are chances that what is good for your friend's car is not apt for yours.

So, here we are, with some must-know tips that we'll help you give your car all the required care and longevity. But before starting with the basic car care regime, here are three basic golden rules of car maintenance -

1. Follow the basic car care plan regularly

2. Whenever you suspect a problem, be sure to get it checked

3. To avoid potential breakdown issue or other safety hazards, regular servicing is must

Below are mentioned eight basic yet important car preventive and inspection tips that form the very sole of vehicle maintenance regime -

car fluids

1. Car Fluids - First and foremost of all is to check if your car is up on all essential fluids. You can check it for yourself and if necessary take your car to the mechanic. Also, if required change the fluids. To the list of fluids are included, coolant, engine oil, windshield washer, power steering, brake and transmission.

2. Battery Check - Always make sure that your car battery is in good shape. Time to time check if all connections are tight and corrosion free. You can also revive your dead car battery at home, know how.

3. Hoses and Belts require an eye too - There are many tutorials available online that'll guide through steps for checking hoses and belts. In case you notice any brittles and cracks, take the car for immediate inspection.

exhaust check

4. Exhaust system requires an inspection as well - Many are not aware of the fact that a damaged exhaust system can be very dangerous and can make your vehicle a useless piece of machine. So, before heading out, always remember to check for leaks, broken hangers or any other kind of damage.

5. Timely tune-up will make your driving a blissful experience - Engine tune-up improves your car's engine health. With a regular tune-up car eats less fuel, emits less CO2 and also, delivers the best performance.

6. Tiers require care - Your car tire should never be overlooked, as low pressure or worn out tire if driven for long is beyond repair. So, always remember to timely check tire pressure and wheel alignment.

7. Pay attention on braking system, suspension and steering - These three components are the base of confident and risk-free drive. Remember to annually check chassis parts, brake linings, drums, and shock absorbers.


8. Don't forget to check the Air-con system - Now, air-con check is important for two reasons, firstly it is important for interior comfort and secondly it is also critical for safety reasons like defrosting.

That's all on the new driver car care guide front, stay tuned with CarBay to get more advice on how to best take care of your car.


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