Car Ceiling, An Ignored Part that Requires Cleaning - Know How

  • May 18, 2016

MANILA: We doubt that you have ever heard or read anything regarding car ceiling. Also, a huge percentage of people, are surely not even clear with this terminology.Well, it's not the exterior top of your car, and is actually referred to the interior fabric covered roof of your car. Increasing your knowledge a bit further on the automobile front, car ceiling is also known a .

Now, try to remember the time when you last had a look at your car ceiling. If your car is new, getting a site of it won't hurt you much, but if you own a car that's already 5 or more years old then we dare you that the site can be a bit disturbing. Wondering, how this untouched area got so dirty and messy, well read further and all your queries will be answered.

Things harming your car ceiling -

1. Hands, dirty hands (kids can be blamed for this)
2. Hair (especially if you like oiling or gelling them up)
3. Eatables (if eating in car happens a lot)
4.Beauty products (liner, mascara anything can spill on a bump)

If reading the article so far was no less than a reality check for you and is nerve wracking at the same time, then worry no more, as for every problem there is a solution.

Below are mentioned five simple steps, that'll not only preserve but will also prevent your ceiling.

1. Microfiber cloth is your first stop -


First and foremost thing that'll help you in the entire car ceiling cleaning ritual is a microfiber cloth. Don't even dare to replace it with a dusting cloth, as it is made up of a special material that first lift and then collect dirt, dust, and grime, resting on the roof.

Use: Gently rub your entire roof with a clean and dry microfiber.

2. Shampoo or Upholstery cleaner, for not so easy stains

shampoo and upholstery cleaner

Now, if rubbing your ceiling with a microfiber cloth doesn't help then it's time to try something that's tough on stains. For it, we recommend either a shampoo or an upholstery cleaner. A small tip, try using a cleaner that's compatible with ceiling fabric, you can get one easily from a nearby retail store that specialises in auto merchandises.

Use: Pour one to two teaspoons of cleaner in a spray bottle with lukewarm water and spray it through. Let the solution work for few minutes, then rub the entire ceiling fabric with microfiber cloth.

3. Something for those ugly grease/mascara stains

water and vinegar solution

Stains caused by grease, mascara are hard to get rid of, as the product gets absorbed into the fabric. Shampoo or upholstery cleaner can lighten these stains but do not ensure a complete removal. At your rescue enters the water and vinegar mix.

Use: Empty the spray bottle from the previously made shampoo solution, and now fill it with 3 parts of water and one part of vinegar. Like before, spray the solution on stains and gently rub it off with a cloth.

4. Remember to dry the ceiling before doing any more cleaning work

wet celining

Water-vinegar solution, upholstery cleaner, and shampoo, all must be first dry-out before giving your ceiling a second spray. Wondering why, well it's because excess of wetness can be injurious to your ceiling, as the glue sticking together the fabric and lining can lose its strength.

5. Orange oil and air freshener for a flowery ending

car air freshner

It's possible that all these products leave your car ceiling smelling awful and unpleasant. Also, if your ceiling is long smelling cigarette smoke or food because of your habits then we have the perfect remedy for you. A nice air freshener can do wonders, eating off all the awful smell from your ceiling.

Use: From a distance spray air freshener on your ceiling.


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