Certified Pre-Owned Cars – What Features this Facility Owns?

  • Jul 18, 2016

MANILA: Gone are the days when cars were considered a luxury. Over the years, people have understood that this 'so called luxury' is the basic requirement. Surely cars have made the family commutation easy with added safety and comfort. A wide range of cars under different segments from so many renowned brands are available but then surely it's not a piece of cake to select the best. The task becomes more challenging when you have a restricted budget, a budget which sounds too less to buy a brand new one and finally you have to make up your mind to go for a pre-owned one. Thinking of going for a car belonging to this segment may be a nightmare for some, especially those prospective customers who have no experience with cars and are first time buyers. It's not that simple for some to just hop on to any pre-owned cars dealer and finalize the same day, for that matter, it is not at all recommended.

If you have to buy a second hand car and can't analyze it mechanically on your own, it is highly recommended to go with someone who knows about cars. But then not everyone is that privileged to have such an expert in his/her contacts. There are ways to find out if a particular pre-owned car is up to the mark and will not ditch you in next couple of years. So, when you are just on your own, certified pre-owned cars facilities can help you and offer you intensively checked options. Finding certified used cars garages is not a herculean task and internet is flooded with such options. Just go through the benefits of buying a certified used car instead of purchasing it from any other used cars dealer -

Vehicle Condition

Vehicle Condition

The first and best benefit of buying a certified used car is that the authorized facilities accept only those cars which are late models (usually not older than 5 years) and with a clean history. These vehicles are intensively inspected by the auto experts to ensure that it will run for another 5 years without fail in good condition. Usually, these experts evaluate the said cars in a comprehensive manner over a hundred components. These manufacturer-trained mechanics have got expertise to trace any significant issue which already exist or may arise in some time which they rectify, if possible. Since not every other car can qualify these tests, the experts certify only those pre-owned cars which they find worth and rest are either rejected or scrapped, as per the actual owner's wish.

Warranty Program

Vehicle Warranty

Almost every CPO (certified pre-owned) cars facility provides warranty program to gain more trust of the customers. Also, this gives the customer to enjoy the privilege of buying a used car just like he would have got on buying a brand new one. Usually, the CPO facility is offered for 1 to 3 years depending on the value, make & model of the car. Also, the warranty is different on the plastic items, components, engine and other jobs that are done on the car. Some garages offer this advantage of extended warranty which the new owner can avail as per the terms set by the CPO facility. This additional warranty program is restricted to certain components and usually, the repair work done after the expiry of the original warranty is charged. It is advised to understand the terms of extended warranty while finalizing your purchase to avoid any dispute in future.


Vehicle Finance

Well, with the growing demand in the pre-owned cars segment, many renowned banks and finance organizations have jumped on it. Earlier, this facility was available only on buying a brand new car but now pre-owned cars are given equal preference. The reason behind offering the finance assistance in certified pre-owned vehicles only and not just every used car is that the financier is sure about the quality of the said car.

Better Resale Value

Vehicle Resale


Now this factor is more to do with the sellers than the buyers. If the car is certified by the experts, it surely hikes the resale value of the said car. Since the car goes through a stringent process to fetch this certification and as mentioned earlier, not every car can get it, the resale value is good. The intensive quality check by experts can help the seller to get a potential price much better than any non-CPO car with similar mechanical and physical conditions.

Exchange Program

Vehicle Exchange

This is not a usual feature but an add-on which is offered by some of the CPO garages. In this exchange program, the customer who has already bought a certified pre-owned car can exchange its car with another certified pre-owned car. Though this facility comes with some terms & conditions but surely this is beneficial for those people who love to drive different cars. To avail this facility, you might have to spend some additional bucks depending on the evaluation of your car and the one which you want to buy. You can discuss this feature with your dealer before finalizing the deal.

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