Common Mistakes Made While Purchasing a Used Car

  • May 19, 2016

MANILA: Buying a pre-owned car can be as exciting as purchasing a new one but then, pre-owned cars come with some hitches and glitches which everyone feels while finalizing one. If you are doing thorough research and inspection of the shortlisted used car before making the purchase, it can be a good investment saving you lots of money which you might have spent in buying a brand new one. If a recent research is to be believed, 45 percent of buyers who purchase a used car ignore some really important factors and regret later. If you don't want to add yourself to this list of 45 percent buyers, here is a quick guide where we are telling you what are the common mistakes made by these buyers who could have made their buying experience much better.

Particular Make and Model

Don't Restrict on Make & Model

DO NOT restrict yourself to a particular make and model. Yes, if you really want a particular make and model, it would be better to go for a new one. While purchasing a used car, the priority should be the condition of the car and model year. You can select the segment of the car depending on your need which is completely fine. Start hunting for a used car with an open mind and if you can find your preferred make and model in suitable condition, consider yourself lucky.

Skipping On The Research

Thoroughly Research The Car

Research is an important aspect while purchasing a used car which most of the customers don't even consider. You should not only check the ratings, reliability and reviews of the shortlisted car but also check for the history to find if it had been involved in any crime or collision. Also, check for the original papers of the car and if possible, compare them with the MOT to find if the papers are not fake and the vehicle is not a result of theft.

Buying An Over-Priced Car

Price evaluation

You might have fixed a budget prior looking for a second-hand car. Well, all we would say is that keep a practical budget in your hand and then start your search. If you are investing enough time in researching for a used car, you won't end up paying more than what the car deserves. Whether you are purchasing directly from the original owner or from a certified used car garage, there is always a scope of negotiation which can save you some money. Educate yourself with the trends and resale values of the used cars so that you can negotiate with confidence.

Skipping Over an Independent Mechanical Inspection

Mechanical Inspection

Even when you are purchasing a used car from a certified used car garage, it is advised to go for an independent mechanical inspection of the car to know better about the engine condition, which will save you from some unexpected servicing expenses in nearby future. Don't just blindly trust on the owner of the car about the condition and performance of the car and take it out for a day for an intensive evaluation before making the final payment.

No Test Drive

Test Drive The Car

This is one mistake repeatedly made by the used cars customers. Even you have checked the external and mechanical condition of the car, it is a must to take a test drive to know how your daily drives are going to be in this used car. We would advise you to take a long, a really long drive in this car to know the ride and handling in different terrains. Most of the cars run just fine on smooth driveways and show their true color once they are driven on potholes which might leave yourself cursing for making a wrong investment.

Not Checking the Smallest of Details

Check The Minute Details

Since engine and aesthetics are not the only aspects of a car, you should definitely check for the smallest of the details offered in the car. People often ignore checking the condition of the air conditioner, seat without covers, speakers, tires and scratches in & out. These petty things might sound irrelevant to check at this point but you might have to spend a big amount if any of these are broken or not up to the mark after you have paid the amount to the seller in full and final.

Ignoring Safety Aspects

Car Safety Aspects

Safety is one factor which can't be put on a stake and so if you are not checking the used car you are about to purchase for safety aspects, it's one BIG mistake. Get your car intensively checked for the safety aspects it comes packed with and also if all of them are functional. Most of the cars come with airbags at least but with time or mishandling, the mechanism may get malfunctioned and you may not get the benefit when it is required the most.

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