Decorative Items that\'ll Enhance your Car\'s Look and Feel

  • May 25, 2016

MANILA: A car is a very dear and worthy possession of its owner. First, one spends a good proportion of life savings and brain in buying it and then eventually spends on its maintenance and beautification. It's like a never-ending process and it seems that your car is in constant need of work and attention. But that's not the case with every car owner, there are some who have ample amount of money, which they are more than happy to spend on their car but are unaware of the huge auto accessory world out there.

This article is basically for the above-mentioned car owners, who have the money but lack the knowledge to spend it wisely. Worry no more, CarBay is at your rescue, as below we present you some car accessory that'll not only enhance your car's looks but will also prove as an add-on to its appeal, comfort and convenience level.

1. Key Fobs

key fob

By key fob, we don't mean the basic plastic or metal key chains that are widely available in the market, but here we are talking about electronic remote entry key fob. All modern day cars are equipped with one and they are a standard accessory with even the basic model. But if by any chance your car is missing this feature than rush to your nearest auto workshop and get yourself one, as these are easy to configure and only require insertion of a hardware chip both in your car and key.

2. Key Cover


Now, this is something new and different that will rightly go along with the above-mentioned accessory, key fob. Nowadays the market is flooded with attractive neon and printed silicone key covers. These covers serve a dual purpose, first, they give your key a distinguishing look and secondly it will protect the key from scratches and any kind of damage that can be caused by dirt, dust and water.

3. Seat covers


Another set of accessory that will add a hint of luxury to your car is replacing that old fabric seat cover with new fibre/leather/velvet ones. Mark our words, you cannot ever imagine the amount of change it can bring in your car’s cabin.

4. Sports Seats


If leather seat covers don't quench your thirst for a sporty looking vehicle then our next option will surely do. Sports seats are the perfect option for you, as it will completely transform your vehicle into a race car, providing you with the best seating comfort and excellent grip.

5. Alloy Wheels


Time for some exterior beautification and for that we would recommend a smart set of alloy wheels that'll not only be a good replacement for that old, boring wheel cap but will also enhance your vehicle’s outer appel by manifold.

6. Exhaust Mouth


Now an upgrade for the rear portion of your car, the best we can think among the lot is a chrome wrapped exhaust mouth. Don't worry it will have no impact on your car's performance and mileage, and will only multiply your car's rear profile look.


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