How to Inspect Exterior of a Used Car?

  • Aug 30, 2016

MANILA: Buying a used car has always been a tricky business. No matter, how many times you see the car, check it back and forth, a small bud of doubt always remain intact in your head. But things can be a little better if you know the right moves to inspect a used car. Well, the engine and chassis are the areas that require a mechanical eye and so always remember to take one along with you while going for an inspection. But it’s the exterior part that one can inspect self without any guidance from an auto expert.

Here are mentioned few important steps that will make you a pro of exterior used car inspection -

1. 360-degree round tour is a must - Yes, you read it right. First thing, when you go for a used car buying spree, take a full outer tour of the cars you select and look out for any kind of waviness. The minute you spot one, it calls out for a closer look and explanation on the same from the seller. The cause for the same can be a past paint job, hinting towards an accident. Also, look out for small cracks on front and rear lamps, scratches, dents and rust spots.

2. Tier check-up time - After you are done examining car’s exterior body thoroughly, it is time now to check the tires. Remember, a tier speaks a lot about the car and the way it has been driven in the past. See if all the tires are worn out in the same proportion, also don’t forget to check the alignment, as a bad one hints towards rash driving. Bad tier health is a possible indicator of frame damage and suspension trouble.

3. Don’t forget the saddle area - Don’t know what a saddle area is? Well, it is the one where the radiator comes in contact with the front fender. This area should never be overlooked and must always be checked for welding marks. If the car has the said marks, it is a sure indicator of a massive accident.

4. Time to go underground - Don’t worry, we are not asking you to inspect the chassis, as only a mechanic is the right person for that job. All you have to do is check the lower edges for some possible damage, rust and scratches.

5. Exhaust pipe health - Exhaust pipe is the area from where all residue comes out and thus it becomes an important area in used car inspection. Try and stick your finger in the exhaust pipe and god forbid if it comes out all sticky then a problem is sure residing in the car.


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