Practical driving tips from Ford that’ll help you become a better driver

  • Jun 08, 2018

From buying a car to using it for your daily commute is an experience that can't be expressed in words. But many a time young drivers make mistakes that not only cost them their lives but puts others on the road at risk too. With technological advancements, automakers like Ford are providing a bulk of driver-assistance features that one must learn to use before stepping-in the car. However, along with the technical know-how, a driver should also follow on-road rules and regulations.

Ford recently conducted a survey; wherein many drivers admitted practising risky driving behaviour on the go like watching TV and speeding. While some things are not in your control, one must follow ethical driving practices, no matter how far or near is the destination.

Making roads safe and secure both for the driver and pedestrian, Ford pinned down five driving practices. Read them and make sure you inculcate each one of these practices in your day-to-day driving course.

1.Buckle-up those seat belts 

Driving Tips - Buckle seat belts

The number one tip each and every driver must follow, irrespective of the driving experience is always to wear the seatbelt. However, many people are reluctant to do the same, and the reason will surprise you. They say wearing a seatbelt ruins their ironed shirt! It’s shocking.

A driver must understand what he or she is trading here. Life is any day more important over a wrinkled piece of cloth. Even statistics say so, wearing a seatbelt reduces chances of injury by half in case of an accident. And the risk of death reduces by 45%.

We hope that’s enough to convince you on the need and importance of wearing a seatbelt.

2. Understand your car 

Driving Tips - Know your car

Another important tip is to know your car inside-out. Believe us, it’s very beneficial, as you don’t end up struggling to figure out the technical maze. For starters, a driver should learn about the basic functionalities like headlight, temperature control, and windshield wipers. During the monsoon season, know how the defogger works. Also, it’s a good idea to understand what all symbols on the instrument cluster indicates, as they are a pre-indication of an internal problem.

May cars today come equipped with impressive driver-assistance functionalities like Forward Collision Alert and Migration by Brakes, Lane Departure Warning System, and more. Ford recommends drives to get familiar with all such technologies before setting out.

3. When behind wheels, stay focused 

Driving Tips - Stay Focus on Road

As per Ford’s 2017 Distracted Driving survey, 54 percent drivers in Asia Pacific region try not to get distracted or use their phone while driving, but they always end up doing so. There’s no doubt that distracted driving is linked to accidents and fatalities, therefore actions like eating food, applying makeup, loud music, and phone usage must be avoided.

4. Opt for defensive driving

Driving Tip - Be aware of your surroundings

To be fully aware of your surrounding is the best driving tip there could be. While making lane changes or backing out of a parking space, a driver should first learn about the immediate environment. Ford cars come equipped with amazing technologies that help the driver in every course - from parking to changing lanes. Take for example, Ford Co-Pilot360 suite of driver assist techs of which the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Assist is an integral part. The BLIS system helps the driver detect vehicles entering the blind spot zone on either side of the car. Also, this system notifies the driver about the vehicles approaching from the rear side during reversing out of a parking lot.

Some defensive driving practices every driver should inculcate -

  • Always use turn indicators

  • Keep both your hands on the steering wheel

  • When on road, watch out for animals both small and big

  • Never engage in an aggressive road race. Remember it’s not a competition, and the only finish line we are aiming for is to reach home safely

5. Prepare yourself for bad weather conditions

Driving Tip - Be cautious in bad weather condition

Remember, practice is the key. Prepare yourself for driving in adverse weather conditions, so that whenever a typhoon or cyclic monsoon hits, you keep your calm on the road. Choose a secluded location in bad weather condition and improve your driving skills by practising back and forth. If possible, take an adult or experienced driver along. Here are a few tips that’ll help you cruise through stormy weather -

  • Before the monsoon season begins, check your tires and windshield wipers, if needed schedule a change

  • During bad weather condition, always turn on the headlights

  • Keep your speed slow. Driving at high speeds can cause the car to skid or lose traction on slippery pavements

That’s all the practical driving tips from Ford, ensuring that when on the road you’ll keep yourself and others on the road safe. We suggest, take a driving training course and contribute to the cause of responsible road commute. Also, Ford Driving Skills for Life program is offering free training to future drivers in the Asia Pacific region. Enrol today, and be a driver everyone believes and trust.


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