Road Trip on Mind? Here are 5 Essential Car Care Tips

  • Mar 23, 2016

MANILA: Long weekend approaching or have spare leaves left in your leave bank then there is no better plan than to go on a fun road trip with your loved ones. All you need is a perfect destination that's both affordable and nice, crazy fun loving company and a car that'll be your perfect partner all along the way.

But this perfect partner's health too should be in a perfect condition. Or else you'll end up cursing the car and your family will blame you the entire time for such a horrible trip. So, it's better to act smart and follow the below mentioned car care tips before to step a foot forward towards your plan.


1. ABC - A Brake Check

Yes, it's that simple. Brakes are an essential feature of a car, be it a small hatch, bulky SUV or even a high-end sedan. If your car brakes are not functioning the way they are supposed to work or even if you are experiencing the slightest of trouble, like for example longer stopping distance, noise or pulsations, then do not ignore. Run to the nearest service station and get the brake problem solved.

2. TT - Tire Time

Check all the tires even the one in the bonnet. The four touching the ground are to be checked for any possible wear and tear and see if all have adequate inflation pressure. Driving both over and under inflated tire is bad for your car, as the former reduces the tire contact area with the road while the latter one leads to lower fuel economy. The one in the trunk should be in proper condition, apt for use when required.

3. AC - Air Conditioning

No one likes traveling in a hot car with sweat flowing all over. Especially if you are traveling with kids and old people or with your girlfriend. Therefore, it's always advisable to get your car's air-con system checked for any leak or low levels of refrigerant.

4. ECG -Engine Check Game

The engine resting under your bonnet is a complex machine with various components dedicated to different process all at once. So, before going on a road trip it's always advisable to get each component checked. The list should include oil, oil filter, coolant, and radiator.

5. OMG - Oh My Gadgets

Yes, keep all the emergency gadgets and do remember to inform all about their usage and placement. So, in addition to your personal bags, keep an emergency bag containing things like a first-aid kit, flares, dried food, and flashlight.

You are all good to go. Happy Journey!


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