What are the Common Mistakes at Car Dealership?

  • Oct 29, 2015

MANILA: Driving a brand-new car is indeed a good feel but more than that, going to a dealership showroom and buying one on your own becomes an experience of life. Buying a car on your own from a showroom is indeed not like visiting a dentist. It includes the entire process of how to interact with the sales executives there and appear informed and confident in front of them. Therefore, here we present some common five “NOT TO DO” things at the showroom so that you can smartly buy your new car.


Being Clueless about the car

At times, people enter the car showroom as if they are entering some vegetable market. Yes, all they know is they need a set of new wheels and how much they can pay per month. They don't realize that the showroom floor is not the place to start your quest for a new car. A detailed online search about the car like reading some expert’s piece on it, knowing its specs before or checking the various competing factors with other models are some moves of a smart buyers and therefore one must always pre search a product on which they are going to spend in lacs.


Forgetting the test drive

Statistics revealed that one out of every six buyers of car don't believe in taking the test drive. They forget that everything that shines is not gold and moreover, running a car practically will allow you to understand it better than reading about it. It will let you know how well it suits your personal preferences. So, take out a span of ten minutes and go for a test drive. Rather, take a test drive of all other competitors of your choice of car so that you can make a sensible decision.


Not aware of other dealers

It is commonly seen that buyers visit only one dealership showroom to finalize their new car. However they forget that there is a benefit in having a look around and therefore they should check the price of the car with other existing dealers as well, because you may end up coming to a better negotiating point with the other dealer and thus save some money of yours.


Coming to terms soon

Many buyers get into the trap of convincing skills of sales executives where they end up disclosing their monthly budget or get tempt by their financing deals. The buyer should negotiate the actual sales price independent of the down payment, trade-in, or financing arrangements. The calculations should be done by the buyer themselves and should not at all feel pressurized by the executive. Do not forget to compare the other outside financing options with the dealer's financing schemes.


Not insuring the insurance

The car buyers should not neglect the importance of insurance of their new vehicle. They should check the insurance schemes provided by the car dealer. Read all terms and conditions carefully and figure out the proper prices and full-collision coverage. If it is not satisfactory here then check out the insurance schemes available outside. But make sure that your new pricey car is insured timely so that the alter losses do not blow you hard.

So, act clever and do not create a pitfall for yourself. Shop smart and then drive smart.


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