Why Low Fuel Driving Shouldn’t be a Regular Practise

  • May 25, 2016

Do you often see low fuel indicator in your car? Are you a kind of person who lets his/her car run to the max possible limit? Do you pay attention to the low fuel signs and keep driving to the last drop of fuel? If the answers to aforementioned questions are YES, then I am afraid to say that your car’s engine isn’t at the best of its health. I agree, we often get lenient in getting the car’s tank fueled in time and we are capable of finding some or the other way of not doing the same. But this practice is extremely wrong as it affects your car’s engine big time. You might be the next potential customer of the nearby mechanical workshop.

Waiting for the last instant to get your car’s tank fueled can be a pricey affair and can damage your car’s engine. According to a report and a certified mechanic John Ibbotson, the car’s engine is at high risk of being damaged if it isn’t getting fueled at the right instant and the owner is leaving it to the last moment. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t see the low fuel indicator often inside the car.

High risk of engine damage

When you allow a car to run to max of its fuel range, even beyond the reserved mark then it allows way for air to enter in, which could result in engine failure causing the fuel pump to wear out prematurely. The fuel acts as a coolant for the motor, which needs to be filled in at proper instants else the air that gets in the engine could damage it way too early than its limits. This careless damage could cost you hundreds of dollars to get it fixed, which is definitely not you’d like to.

Danger of an accident

Another reason why you shouldn't live on the edge and get your car refueled in time is the danger of getting stranded. Low fuel can result in sudden stopping of your car, which could involve you in an unwanted collision with the vehicle just behind you or could leave you bereaved in an isolated place. Indulging an accident would be another expensive affair and would bite on your monthly wages.

Fuel gauges aren’t reliable

If you believe that your car’s fuel gauge is up to the mark and tell you the exact reading of how much fuel is still there to be used then you are wrong. The fuel gauge depends upon certain factors like, style of driving, terrain you are driving on and more to determine the left fuel in the car. It is just an estimate and can’t be taken for guaranteed.

Every car has its own reserve range

Even when the fuel is on a lower side, your car can still travel few miles in order to make you reach your destination, but the question is how far it can actually run? The answer to this depends on the car model you own as this range varies from model to model. So, you don’t actually know what exactly is the highest limit to drive your car exposing you to one of the above mentioned risks.

Final Word

Refueling isn’t a difficult or hard task, it just takes few minutes to get right amount of fuel filled inside the car. But it can certainly help you in saving your hard-earned cash and your unnecessary mechanical workshop trips. So, next time don’t let that low fuel indicator lit up.
Stay fueled and stay safe.

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