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User Review Comparison

Hyundai Accent Hatch
  • M
    Macprins Sep 11, 2019 for Hyundai Accent Hatch

    I travel a lot for my work and needed a small diesel car with good mileage. The Accent hatchback was my choice. The 1.6-litre diesel motor is very refined and Read More

  • M
    Marvin Apr 12, 2019 for Hyundai Accent Hatch

    I personally love the looks of the new Accent! It almost has a coupe-like styling. Since my work involves travelling long distances, I got the 1.6-litre diesel with 128 PS. Read More

  • a
    Angelo Oct 03, 2018 for Hyundai Accent Hatch

    I have been going to the office using public transport since I have joined. Recently, my kids shifted to their new school and it was in a different direction altogether Read More

KIA Picanto
  • M
    Mason May 27, 2020 for KIA Picanto

    If you want to rely upon your car without any hesitation, you should go for a car like Kia Picanto The car is tiny in size and is quite efficient Read More

  • E
    Esteban Jan 29, 2020 for KIA Picanto

    I love driving car in and around the town. Recently I love driving mostly due to the new car that I have purchased- Kia Picanto. Best part of the car Read More

  • F
    Franco Oct 09, 2019 for KIA Picanto

    The Picanto is an amazing little car is many ways. For starters, it is very economical, and being first-time buyer money was a critical factor. The car offers a lot Read More

  • M
    Mark Sep 10, 2019 for KIA Picanto

    Oh the little Picanto! Even the name is quirky, yet it is this quirkiness that drew me to it. Who said small cars have to be boring? For a small Read More

  • J
    Justin Aug 26, 2019 for KIA Picanto

    Don't let the small dimensions of the Picanto fool you, it is very spacious on the inside. This is one of the primary reasons I bought one in the first Read More

From The Experts

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  • Cons
Hyundai Accent Hatch

Exterior design


KIA Picanto

The compact dimensions of the Kia Picanto make it a great urban hatchback. While it doesn’t sacrifice on dimensions to make it as small as possible, the dimensions of the Picanto feel absolutely perfect to make it look and feel perfect for daily urban commutes and tackling city traffic on daily usage.

While most of the entry-level hatchbacks sacrifice on interior quality and availability of modern comfort and convenience features, the Kia Picanto is not one such case. This compact city hatchback has some really nice features like a touch screen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, 60:40 split rear seats, automatic climate control, steering mounted audio and Bluetooth controls and many more, making it feel premium every bit when on the inside.

Despite its compact dimensions, Kia deserves full marks in making the cabin of the Picanto quite spacious and practical. The presence of practical bits like 60:40 split seats, number of cup holders and storage bins and large glovebox opens up space for storing your small as well as big luggage.

Hyundai Accent Hatch

Dated interiors

Lack of features

KIA Picanto

The Kia Picanto has been equipped with decently powerful 1.0-litre as well as 1.2-litre petrol engines. However, when it comes to offering fuel economy, they are right at the top of the game or even close to the benchmark.

The overall compact dimensions of the Kia Picanto give it a cute stance. However, the quirky exterior styling of the Picanto might not be to everyone’s taste.

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