Bajaj Maxima Z 3-wheeler positioned as multi-purpose business partner

Bajaj Maxima Z 3-wheeler positioned as multi-purpose business partner

MANILA: With the increasing number of small businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Trimotors Technology Corporation continues to offer the reliable Bajaj Maxima series, which includes two highly dependable three-wheeled business enablers.

The Bajaj Maxima series was launched in the Philippines in 2020. It is composed of two models: the Bajaj Maxima Z, a multi-purpose business partner, and the Bajaj Maxima Cargo, which is known for “delivering powerful solutions.”

Both Bajaj Maxima models are powered by a 236.2cc DTS-I engine that generates extra power to do more trips and carry heavier loads. Both vehicles are also made durable with a heavy-duty CV shaft that allows them to transport massive amount of loads on any road condition efficiently. The Bajaj Maxima Z has a cabin space of 800 L, while the Bajaj Maxima Cargo has 487 L.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo

Trimotors launched the new Bajaj Maxima Z that comes with multi-purpose upgrades for transporting passengers and carrying loads. The Bajaj Maxima Z features a 60:40 seating arrangement that can be easily adjusted depending on the passenger or load that will be carried. It also comes with 10-inch tires and a dual front fork suspension that make it capable of travelling on any road condition. The Bajaj Maxima Z is also equipped with a new age dashboard with radio and MP3 player and a symmetrical transparent hood.

Bajaj Maxima Z

The Bajaj Maxima Z comes in three color variants: Blue, Yellow, and White. It is reasonably priced at P221,888.

Bajaj Maxima Z

Meanwhile, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo is a flexible three-wheeler that can be used in various business industries. It can be transformed into a Bajaj Concept Truck, Bajaj Rapid Hauler, and Bajaj Multi-function Van, providing boundless three-wheel opportunities to different business ideas. The Bajaj Maxima Cargo can also be transformed to a compact delivery vehicle that can cater to the logistics needs of the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo

The Bajaj Maxima Cargo can also be used to improve the community’s development, operations, and public services. The Bajaj Medical Transporter, Bajaj Ronda Partner, and Bajaj Fire Defender can serve as economically convenient and reliable partners to a community’s frontline workforce.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo

The two Bajaj Maxima models may have its similarities and differences, but both vehicles aim to improve the living standards of every Filipinos.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo

To learn more about the Bajaj Maxima series, log on to the official website of Bajaj Philippines at or like their official Facebook page at

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  • Maxima Z Medium Angle Front View
Bajaj Maxima Z
₱221,888 Emi Starts : ₱3,806 x 60

Bajaj Three Wheeler Models

  • Bajaj Maxima Cargo
    Bajaj Maxima Cargo
  • Bajaj Maxima Z
    Bajaj Maxima Z
  • Bajaj RE
    Bajaj RE
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Bajaj RE
Bajaj RE
₱182,888 - 194,888
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Bajaj Maxima Cargo
TVS King
TVS King
King Price
Power 10
Displacement 199
Transmission Manual

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