Bajaj customers win Maxima Cargo in latest raffle promo

Raffle winners took home a Maxima Cargo

Bajaj customers win Maxima Cargo in latest raffle promo

MANILA: Customers who previously purchased Bajaj three-wheelers have won Maxima Cargo utility vehicles through the Bajaj Dagdag Kabuhayan raffle promo held last month.


  • When did Bajaj Philippines held the draw for its raffle's winners?

    The raffle draw was held last month.
  • How did the winners entered the raffle?

    The winners entered the raffle by purchasing a Bajaj three-wheeler.
  • Per the local wing of the Indian vehicle company, the winners for the first draw held last month are the following:

    • Edmundo Jadie from Legazpi, Albay
    • Maresol Pajuta from Bojol
    • Geraldine Elipe from Mati City

    According to Bajaj Philippines, Jadie purchased a Maxima Z from Motortrade Legazpi while Pajuta bought an RE at DES Strong Motors Tagbilaran, Bohol. Likewise, Elipe got an RE through through EMCOR Mati City. 

    Bajaj Maxima Cargo

    The Bajaj Maxima Cargo is a three-wheeler equipped with a 236.22 cubic centimeter engine — which according to the local arm of the Indian vehicle brand — was designed to give its owners the "extra power to do more trips and carry bigger loads.”

    On paper, it produces some 10 horsepower with 20.1 Newton-meters of torque.

    Stopping power comes from drum brakes — both at the front and at the back.

    Its capable engine complements the decent-sized bed at the back, reliable suspension system, and 10-inch tires. On that note, owners of the Bajaj Maxima Cargo can comfortably haul cargo while enjoying good ground clearance (180 millimeters).

    Speaking of comfort, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo comes with an ergonomic driver cabin.

    It has a price tag of P225,888.

    Photos from Bajaj Philippines

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