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  • M
    Mateo Jun 01, 2020 for Mazda 2 Sedan

    I found Mazda 2 Sedan to be quite a likable four-wheeler. It has the looks and design which you normally look for in a subcompact car. Another thing about this four-wheeler is that it is not loud in design, which saves a lot of embarrassment. A small car with aggressive looks is what we love, but when we get beefed Read More

  • J
    Jacob Jun 01, 2020 for Mazda CX-5

    Mazda CX-5 looks classy and gives an upscale feel to the viewers. For me, the highlights were the way additions of lights are made to the front profile. Also, it has mechanical upgrades like vector plus. The advantage of which was only on paper for me till I drove the fun compact SUV, Any sharp turns, it was smooth, the Read More

  • J
    Julian Jun 01, 2020 for Honda Accord

    Honda Accord maintains the design standards as we naturally with a Honda tag. But just to make the car look good the performance hasn’t taken a beating. It provides better visibility to the driver. Also, it accelerates quite steadily. The choice of engine for me did the trick, yes transmission might be as apt. But fuel efficiency which the CVT Read More

  • E
    Espyke Jun 01, 2020 for Nissan X–Trail

    If I were to market this four-wheeler, I would pitch it as a spacious SUV for family expeditions. The makers have also chosen this way to market the comfy ride. The technological enhancement has added a new layer of comfort and security, especially the safety features. Yes, the looks are there, the choice of color may be questionable, but then Read More

  • G
    Gerald Jun 01, 2020 for KIA Sportage

    Kia Sportage looks and performs boldly, the design for me was the highlight. The performance is never an issue with this car. The standard style chrome design drives cue from its predecessors, but there is a certain uniqueness to it as well. I particularly enjoyed the stability in the ride, and the ones at the back never complained of cramped Read More

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