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Check out the 2023 Foton price list in the Philippines. As of 2 December 2023, Foton car prices start at ₱535,000 for the most inexpensive model Gratour and goes up to ₱2.338 Million for the most expensive car model Foton Toano. Currently Foton is offering 7 new car models in the Philippines. The Foton Transvan, Foton Gratour, Foton Harabas TM 300 are the most popular cars from Foton in their respective car segments.

Foton Philippines has a line-up of 1 SUV (Foton Toplander), 2 MPV (Foton Gratour, Harabas TM 300), 4 Pickup Trucks (Foton Gratour, Harabas TM 300, Thunder, Harabas Miler), 4 Van (Foton Transvan, Gratour, Harabas TM 300, Toano). Zigwheels provides you the Foton Philippines price list for December 2023, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

Foton Philippines Price List 2023

Foton Models Price List
Foton Transvan ₱1.168 - 1.263 Million
Foton Gratour ₱535,000 - 645,000
Foton Harabas TM 300 ₱755,000 - 860,000
Foton Toplander ₱1.388 - 1.488 Million
Foton Thunder ₱980,000 - 1.2 Million
Foton Toano ₱2.058 - 2.338 Million
Foton Harabas Miler ₱860,000

Foton Philippines Line-up

Foton SUV Foton Toplander
Foton MPV Foton Gratour, Harabas TM 300
Foton Pickup Trucks Foton Gratour, Harabas TM 300, Thunder, Harabas Miler
Foton Van Foton Transvan, Gratour, Harabas TM 300, Toano

Foton Dealers

There are 25 authorized Foton car dealers across 23 cities in the Philippines.

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7 Foton Cars Philippines

  • Foton Transvan
    Foton Transvan
    ₱1.168 - 1.263 Million SRP Price Manila
    Transvan Price Get Exclusive Promos 3 Variants
  • Foton Gratour
    Foton Gratour
    ₱535,000 - 645,000 Price on request Manila
    Gratour Price Get Exclusive Promos 4 Variants
  • Foton Harabas TM 300
    Foton Harabas TM 300
    ₱755,000 - 860,000 SRP Price Manila
    Harabas TM 300 Price Get Exclusive Promos 4 Variants
  • Foton Toplander
    Foton Toplander
    ₱1.388 - 1.488 Million SRP Price Manila
    Toplander Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Foton Thunder
    Foton Thunder
    ₱980,000 - 1.2 Million SRP Price Manila
    Thunder Price Get Exclusive Promos 6 Variants
  • Foton Toano
    Foton Toano
    ₱2.058 - 2.338 Million SRP Price Manila
    Toano Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Foton Harabas Miler
    Foton Harabas Miler
    ₱860,000 SRP Price Manila
    Harabas Miler Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • About Foton Philippines

    Foton is considered to be Asia’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. Being the continent’s largest manufacturer, the brand gets an array of vehicle lineup under its belt. The huge lineup includes commercial vehicles, light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks. The brand also produces heavy pieces of machinery for agricultural purposes. 

    Owning to its plants in different commercial hubs around the globe, Foton has a reputed relationship with some of the greatest brands like Lotus, Motorola, Eaton, Bosch, GETRAG, DANA among others. Owning to its strong business relationships, Foton is also a member of United Asia Automotive Group Inc. (UAAGI). The UGGAI later went ahead to be the official distributor of FOTON vehicles in the Philippines.

    With its vision for the future, UAAGI commits towards making FOTON, a premier motor vehicle brand in the Philippines. With its future vision to remain focused on providing exceptional products and services, the brand is driven to support the growth and development of its stakeholders along with the entire economy. 
    UAAGI is dedicated to expanding its reach and establishing its brand presence in most cities of the country; while ensuring the sustainability of its partners and the chain as a family. Within a span of 10 years in the line, the brand has already invested a sum of around  P 1.2 billion for the construction of the FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. Assembly Plant, based in CDC. After its completion, the brand is said to be capable of producing 12,000 vehicles annually.  

    Ever since its incorporation in 2006, UAAGI has been knowing to perform significantly better and getting an improved base of workers and clients. As of 2016, the brand was successful in creating a dealership network to 21 and looks forward to furthering growth.

    Currently, the brand has a lineup of a total of 3 new cars in the Philippines. The Foton Thunder, Foton Toano and the  Foton Toplander which serves as one of the most popular cars from Foton in their respective segments.

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  • Key Highlights of Foton Philippines

    Popular Models Transvan, Gratour, Harabas TM 300, Toplander, Thunder
    Expensive Model Toano
    Affordable Model Gratour
    Body Type SUV, MPV, Pickup Trucks, Van
    Fuel Type Diesel, Gasoline
    Dealerships 25
    Service Centers 2
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    • Economical and profitable

      For people who need a commercial minivan for their business, the Transvan HR from Foton is an amazing choice. I have two of these 14-seaters and I am really very happy and satisfied with the vehicle so far. It comes with a sturdy build, modern design and features great space and comfort on the inside offering 100% satisfaction for the

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      Gibson Jul 27, 2023 for Foton Transvan
    • Affordable and practical

      For people who need an affordable minivan in the Philippines, the Foton Gratour TM 300 is undoubtedly the best choice in its segment. I bought it a year ago and in terms of practicality, usability and overall performance, it is an unparalleled package at its price. I own the 14 seater variant and it is very well-balanced vehicle offering great

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      Genarls Jul 27, 2023 for Foton Gratour
    • Affordable and profitable

      Small business owners who are looking for a sustainable, affordable and economical minivan in the Philippines, the Foton Gratour TM 300 is one of the best options. I own two of them and I recently bought the second one after owning one for over two years. It is perfect for commercial operations with an affordable price, great performance, and exceptional

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      Dan Jul 31, 2023 for Foton Harabas TM 300
    • An amazing family SUV

      The Foton Toplander is one of the most affordable and a really great 7-seater SUV in the market. I have been driving it for over a year now and I have driven it extensively in the past year, both on solo rides as well as with family. As a family car, this is just perfect with great space, ample safety

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      Ulysis Jul 27, 2023 for Foton Toplander
    • Lively engine, pleasant interior

      Being a local produce vendor, I have to transport fresh produce to local markets, and the Foton Thunder has proved to be a dependable partner in all my business-related endeavors. Its spacious bed easily accommodates different types of produce, helping me make bulk deliveries in one go. Whether tackling rural routes or navigating through crowded streets, this pick-up truck handles

      Read More
      Gerald Nov 28, 2023 for Foton Thunder
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  • Foton Cars Philippines FAQs

    What is the Price list of Foton cars in Philippines?

    Foton cars in Philippines comes with price list of ₱535,000 to ₱2.338 Million.

    Is the Diesel model available in Foton Cars?

    Yes! Foton Philippines offers total of a 6 diesel models in the country. check complete foton diesel models now.

    What are the SUV cars offered by Foton Philippines?

    Foton offers 1 SUV models in the Philippines namely: Foton Toplander.

    How many Foton Dealers in Philippines?

    There are 25 authorised Foton car dealers across 23 cities in the Philippines.

    What Foton Cars are 7 seaters?

    Foton offers 1 7 seaters in Philippines namely: Toplander.

    Which is the newest car from Foton Philippines?

    The newest car offered from Foton Philippines is the all new Foton Thunder 2023 and Foton Harabas Miler 2023.