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In Philippines, Foton sells around 5 cars which include 3 Van, 1 Pickup Trucks and 1 SUV. The highest priced model is the Toano at ₱1.98 Million while the Thunder at ₱840,000 is the lowest. Foton is going to launch the Gratour iM6 soon in the Philippines. For the best offers on Foton cars contact your nearest dealer from 27 authorized Foton car dealers across 24 cities in the Philippines.

Foton Philippines price list

Model Price
Foton View Traveller ₱1.5 Million
Foton Thunder ₱840,000 - ₱1.25 Million
Foton Toplander ₱1.49 Million
Foton View Transvan ₱1.21 Million
Foton Toano ₱1.98 Million

Upcoming Foton Cars Price List

Model Expected Launch Date
Foton Gratour iM6 Jan 23, 2019
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Road Test: Foton Toplander
Road Test: Foton Toplander Oct 14, 2015 1829 views

User Reviews of Foton Cars

  • S
    Sammy Oct 22, 2018 for Foton Toano
    great test drive

    Being a traveler is a great job. I have always enjoyed doing this job because I love to travel. We go to different places and have fun. But, it is also a hectic journey. We spend days and nights in the car and at times we even have to sleep here. I got a promotion and I thought it would Read More 5

  • J
    Jeff Oct 22, 2018 for Foton Toplander
    great power

    I have always wanted to purchase an SUV. They are sturdy and provides with great power. When I thought of purchasing a car, initially I was not sure about which one to buy. My father asked me to have a look at Foton Toplander. Recently, even I saw the ad of Foton Toplander and I really liked it. It was Read More 15

  • J
    John Mark Oct 22, 2018 for Foton Thunder
    the seat was comfortable too

    My father had transportation business and I joined the family business too. I had to increase his business and make better scopes in the future. We made an app of the business so that people could book our trucks and we collaborated with famous websites for shipping. We made great progress and there was more demand now. To cope up Read More 12

  • J
    Jan Oct 22, 2018 for Foton View Traveller
    The car was spacious and the seats were very comfortable

    Roads have always been my best friend. I always wanted to take up a profession where I could be liberated and take any road and travel anywhere. My parents were very supportive and they agreed to my choice of job life. I became a tourist guide and started a business. It was doing pretty well and my wife suggested me Read More 21