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Find the list of Van Cars in the Philippines. There are a total of 20 models available in the Philippines. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Foton are the most popular Van Cars brands in the country. If we talk about the best Van Cars models then Toyota Hiace, Nissan NV350 Urvan, Mitsubishi L300, Isuzu Traviz and Foton Transvan are among the most popular Van in the segment. The cheapest is Kaicene Honor S 2023 for ₱515,000 and the most expensive one is Toyota Coaster 2023 for ₱4.018 Million. To know the complete price list in your city, promos, variants, specs, photos, fuel consumption and reviews, please select your desired Cars models from the list below.

Best Van 2023 Philippines

Model Price List
Toyota Hiace ₱1.166 - 3.158 Million
Nissan NV350 Urvan ₱1.24 - 2.04 Million
Mitsubishi L300 ₱825,000
Isuzu Traviz ₱1.005 - 1.072 Million
Foton Gratour ₱535,000 - 645,000
Kaicene Honor S ₱515,000 - 585,000
Toyota Lite Ace ₱645,000 - 737,000
Foton Transvan ₱1.168 - 1.263 Million
Foton Harabas TM 300 ₱755,000 - 860,000
Maxus V80 ₱1.19 - 1.67 Million
Kaicene X5 ₱688,000 - 878,000
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23 Van Price, Promos & Comparison

  • Toyota Hiace
    Toyota Hiace
    ₱1.166 - 3.158 Million SRP Price Manila
    Hiace Price Get Exclusive Promos 8 Variants
  • Nissan NV350 Urvan
    Nissan NV350 Urvan
    ₱1.24 - 2.04 Million SRP Price Manila
    NV350 Urvan Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Mitsubishi L300
    Mitsubishi L300
    ₱825,000 SRP Price Manila
    Mitsubishi L300 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Isuzu Traviz
    Isuzu Traviz
    ₱1.005 - 1.072 Million SRP Price Manila
    Traviz Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Foton Gratour
    Foton Gratour
    ₱535,000 - 645,000 Price on request Manila
    Gratour Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Kaicene Honor S
    Kaicene Honor S
    ₱515,000 - 585,000 SRP Price Manila
    Honor S Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Toyota Lite Ace
    Toyota Lite Ace
    ₱645,000 - 737,000 SRP Price Manila
    Lite Ace Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Foton Transvan
    Foton Transvan
    ₱1.168 - 1.263 Million SRP Price Manila
    Transvan Price Get Exclusive Promos 3 Variants
  • Foton Harabas TM 300
    Foton Harabas TM 300
    ₱755,000 - 860,000 SRP Price Manila
    Harabas TM 300 Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Maxus V80
    Maxus V80
    ₱1.19 - 1.67 Million SRP Price Manila
    Maxus V80 Price Get Exclusive Promos 4 Variants
  • Kaicene X5
    Kaicene X5
    ₱688,000 - 878,000 SRP Price Manila
    Kaicene X5 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Foton Traveller
    Foton Traveller Price coming soon Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • What is a Van Car?

    Vans are large vehicles that can carry both people and cargo. These types of vehicles can be widely seen on the Philippines roads as public commuters. Because of their utilitarian nature, large families often prefer vans to multipurpose vehicles (MPVs). Vans usually vary in size but they are usually bigger than SUVs and smaller than trucks.

    Vans are classified by their high roofline and the two-box design. In fact, most vans have a boxy design for space maximization in the cabin. The high roofline allows people and taller cargo to be loaded into the vehicle. Vans usually have sliding doors and a rear hatch, so that entry and exit of people and cargo can be easier. 

    Vans are the best for those who want to carry many passengers around. Most modern vans have a seating capacity from nine to 18. Almost all modern vans come with a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive format. This means that the engine is located behind the vehicle’s front axle.

    In the Philippines, vans have their own fan following. Vans with a 12-passenger capacity are often used as office transport. These vehicles are also used for outstation trips.

    Market Info

    The Philippines has a burgeoning market for van cars. Some of the most popular vans frequently seen include the Toyota Hiace, Foton Traveler, Hyundai Starex, Nissan NV350, and the Hyundai H350. Locally-made Foton Toano is one of the most affordable van cars found here. Chinese automobile manufacturer Maxus rolled out the V80 van in 2019. Toyota, meanwhile, launched the new-generation Hiace and the Hiace Super Grandia. Bigger, full-size vans available in the Philippines include the Foton Toano, Gazelle Next, and Hyundai H350.

    Foton also has the Harabas TM300 in the wing-van and F-van trims. These are used for both passenger and cargo carrying. Volkswagen meanwhile launched the Multivan Kombi in July 2021. It’s the only Germany-soured automobile in the company’s Philippines portfolio. It’s more of a luxury MPV and is available only in the Highline variant. It has swivel seats for the second row as well as a multifunction folding table that allows the car to become a mobile office. The Suzuki APV has been the longest-serving van in the Philippines. It was launched in 2004. The vehicle can carry 8 people with extra room for luggage or bulk numbers of merchandise for business. It can also be of great use as a family van.

    Popular Van Cars of 2022

    Toyota Hiace

    The Toyota Hiace is one of the most robust-looking vans available in the Philippines. It’s also the most trusted family carrier vehicle in the country. The sixth-generation Toyota Hiace was globally introduced in February 2019. It got an all-new shape, replacing the thin and long profile of the earlier generation. The van is equipped with a powerful 2.8-liter diesel engine which also hauls the Toyota Fortuner. The Hiace is available in 12,14, and 15-seat configurations. These variations are available in multiple variants including the 3.0 Cargo, Commuter 3.0 MT, and 2.8 Commuter Deluxe MT, 2.8 GL Grandia MT. 

    Maxus G10

    The Maxus G10 is the Chinese manufacturer’s entry-level vehicle in the Philippines minivan segment. The G10 has typical minivan styling. But it has the class and refinement that can be found in most minivans these days. The 9-seat configuration comes with four captain seats. The cabin is spacious and airy and the seats are clad with a combination of fabric and leather. The Maxus G10 is equipped with a 1.9-liter turbocharged diesel engine. The car is available in the Elite AT and Elite AT Assist versions.

    Maxus V80

    Available for both passenger carrying and cargo hauling, the Maxus V80 is a van that can be used as a workhorse for businesses and families. The V80 has a sliding cabin door. The rear door is dual-swing for loading maximum cargo. The Comfort trim has 10 reclining seats at the back. The Maxus V80 is equipped with a powerful 2.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine. The van can accommodate 18 passengers maximum. It’s available in Flex, Transport, and Comfort trims. 

    Ford Transit

    The Ford Transit was introduced in November 2019 and is available in only trim in the Philippines market. It’s the first minibus to be launched by Ford Philippines. The Transit has been created to provide mobility and transport solutions. It’s loaded with safety features that include 15 three-point seatbelts. It’s a 15-passenger van that comes with multiple sockets. The cabin is big and spacious to ensure comfortable travelling even for long distances. It has a powerful air-conditioning system.   

    Hyundai Grand Starex

    The Grand Starex is the most commonly seen van of its kind on Philippines streets. It’s the Korean manufacturer’s entry-level vehicle in the utility van segment. Being a tough and durable van, the Hyundai Grand Starex is capable of accommodating up to 12 people. The van has generous space inside the cabin which makes it an ideal vehicle for long rides. It’s equipped with a powerful 2.5-liter diesel engine. It’s available in multiple variants for passenger and cargo carrying.  

    Foton Toano

    The Foton Toano is a people carrier and one of the most popular minibuses in the Philippines. It can carry a maximum of 11 or 15 passengers. With a high roof and spacious interior, the Foton Toano ensures maximum comfort during long travelling. The interior is minimalist with subtle chrome accents. The seats are comfortable and nicely cushioned. The Toano comes with a 2.8-liter diesel engine. The vehicle is available in the Standard and Executive trims.  

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  • Key Highlights of Van Cars

    Popular Models Toyota Hiace, Nissan NV350 Urvan, Mitsubishi L300, Isuzu Traviz, Foton Transvan
    Affordable Model Kaicene Honor S
    Expensive Model Nissan NV350 Urvan
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  • Van Price, Promos & Comparison FAQs

    What are the best Van in the Philippines?

    Based on price, specs and features, some of the best Van Cars are Toyota Hiace, Nissan NV350 Urvan, Mitsubishi L300 and Isuzu Traviz.

    Which is the cheapest Van Cars in Philippines?

    The cheapest Van Cars in Philippines Kaicene Honor S at ₱515,000 . Check other Popular Van Cars.

    Which are the most expensive Van Cars in Philippines?

    The most expensive Van Cars in Philippines are Toyota Coaster, Foton Toano, Dongfeng EV30 and Maxus G10.

    Which are the latest Van Cars in Philippines?

    The latest Van Cars in Philippines are Hyundai Solati, Dongfeng EC35, Dongfeng EC36 and Dongfeng EV30.

    Which are the Upcoming Van Cars in Philippines?

    The upcoming Van Cars in Philippines are Mercedes-Benz eSprinter.
  • Van Cars User Reviews

    • Serves my temperature-controlled logistics needs

      As a logistics manager, I must say that the Toyota Hiace Van is a reliable companion in the daily grind of transportation logistics. Its sturdy design and consistent performance serve as the foundation of my operations, guaranteeing that commodities of all shapes and sizes are delivered with the highest dependability and efficiency. Whether it's shipments, supplies, or equipment the HiAce

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      Mario Mar 21, 2024 for Toyota Hiace
    • A reliable workhorse

      I purchased the Nissan NV350 Urvan’s cargo version as I needed a reliable workhorse for my business. This vehicle has been with me for more than a year and I don’t have anything to complain about it. It ensures the seamless flow of parcels and goods all thanks to its expansive cargo space. Whether it's restocking inventory, delivering products to

      Read More
      Gilberto Jan 05, 2024 for Nissan NV350 Urvan
    • A reliable and practical van

      My journey with the Mitsubishi L300 started with hesitation but over the years it has turned into deep satisfaction. Despite having doubts about the practicality and performance of this vehicle, it has won me over. Mitsubishi L300 has become my dependable partner for both personal endeavors and business. I use the L300 for various purposes, from supporting outreach activities to

      Read More
      Alex Apr 01, 2024 for Mitsubishi L300
    • Huge cargo capacity, modern design

      Navigating the food delivery’s demanding landscape requires a reliable and performance-oriented vehicle that can cater to diverse needs. The Isuzu Traviz has made my commute hassle-free in Metro Manila’s bustling streets. It zips through traffic effortlessly and ensures timely deliveries to my customers. It also has a good payload capacity. What I like the most about this vehicle is its

      Read More
      Sammy Feb 02, 2024 for Isuzu Traviz
    • A utilitarian commercial vehicle

      The Foton Gratour TM300 has proved to be the right choice for my catering business. I purchased it on my friend’s recommendation and I’m extremely delighted with every aspect of this vehicle. It caters to diverse catering needs as it comes in diverse body styles. The boxy shape of the vehicle allows for efficient storage and the fog lights and

      Read More
      Basilio Jan 23, 2024 for Foton Gratour
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