Isuzu Cars in Philippines

Currently 3 Isuzu cars are available for sale in Philippines. Isuzu offers 2 SUV and 1 Pickup Trucks in the country. The lowest price Isuzu model is the Crosswind ₱1.26 Million and the highest price model is the mu-X at ₱2.14 Million. Contact your nearest dealer from 41 authorized Isuzu car dealers across 20 cities in Philippines for best offers.

Isuzu Cars Price List

Model Price
Isuzu mu-X ₱1.32 - ₱2.14 Million
Isuzu Crosswind ₱1.26 - ₱1.34 Million
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3 Isuzu Cars in Philippines

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Isuzu adds 1.9-litre engine in the mu-X lineup
Isuzu adds 1.9-litre engine in the mu-X lineup

MANILA: It seems that Isuzu Philippines is not quite done with introducing iterations to the celebrated mu-X. The Japanese carmaker has gone ahead and revealed yet another variant of the midsize SUV.

Featured and Comparison Stories

The new mu-X Luxe - How unique is the new special edition?
The new mu-X Luxe - How unique is the new special edition?

A Filipino needs no introduction to Isuzu mu-X, this SUV has been running up and down the Philippines traffic and ill-condition road for long. And it is doing a pretty good job too, well that’s what i

User Reviews

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    Test Apr 16, 2018 for Isuzu Crosswind
    Built to a price. Built for a price

    I had the Isuzu Crosswind for quite some time now. Like many other Pinoys, I had bought this car because of its popularity. It was popular as a taxi because of its cheap price and mileage. It has a big fuel tank that easily lasts for more than 520 km. People will tell you that it has many problems. The Read More 2

  • C
    Calagos Apr 11, 2017 for Isuzu mu-X
    Absolutely No Regrets

    The Isuzu MU-X is a robust SUV that is based on the D-Max ute, sharing a strong diesel engine. It is available as a high-clearance rear-wheel drive wagon, and as a four-wheel drive wagon that is good off-road. Every MU-X has seven seats, and dimensions that make it easier to manoeuvre than some 4WD wagons. It is so great to Read More 1011