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In Philippines, Isuzu sells around 3 cars which include 2 SUV and 1 Pickup Trucks. The highest priced model is the mu-X at ₱2.14 Million while the D-Max at ₱842,000 is the lowest. For the best offers on Isuzu cars contact your nearest dealer from 66 authorized Isuzu car dealers across 41 cities in the Philippines.

Isuzu Philippines price list

Model Price
Isuzu mu-X ₱1.32 - ₱2.14 Million
Isuzu D-Max ₱842,000 - ₱1.72 Million
Isuzu Crosswind ₱1.26 - ₱1.34 Million
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Isuzu brings Xtreme Xperience to Iloilo City
Isuzu brings Xtreme Xperience to Iloilo City

MANILA: The 4x4 Xtreme Xperience recently thrilled the Queen City in the South. Following its presence there, Isuzu is now all set to take the Xperience to Iloilo City, the City of Mansions. The said

Featured and Comparison Stories

2018 Isuzu D-Max: Is the new model good?
2018 Isuzu D-Max: Is the new model good?

Things in life need a change. We all go on vacations and what not to relieve ourself of the mundane day-to-day chores. We call this recreation. Everyone needs one. Even the top CEOs do take breaks. Th

User Reviews of Isuzu Cars

  • K
    Kirk Aug 29, 2018 for Isuzu D-Max
    For the Roughest Road

    The road has always been a man's best friend. I totally agree with this. I have always had a love for road trips and I felt it always has the answer to all my problems. But, traveling any kind of road is not that easy. I needed something sturdy which can be driven even in the roughest texture. So, I Read More 10

  • H
    Hans Aug 27, 2018 for Isuzu Crosswind
    The Perfect MPV

    We have not been on a family trip for the longest of time. Also, after saving for years it was finally the time for me to purchase a car. So, we thought to buy it before the trip and make it a road trip instead. To accommodate all of the family members, it had to be an MPV. And, the Read More 14

  • F
    Franco Aug 07, 2018 for Isuzu mu-X
    good car Isuzu.

    Monday morning blues are a thing of the past with my new Isuzu mu-X. Even when the sky is grey and the rains make everything dull and dreary, my SUV emerges as the only silver lining in the cloud. Isuzu is a leading company that manufactures only SUVs and hence we had no second doubts about this purchase. This SUV Read More 47

  • J
    Jose Arian Aug 07, 2018 for Isuzu Crosswind
    Great multi-purpose car.

    I run a mid-sized business for which I have to transport a few items daily between my house and factory daily for which I required a multi-purpose vehicle or a pickup truck. Since I had never bought a vehicle in this segment before, I turned to my friends in the same line of business for advice and they pointed out Read More 13

  • M
    Mark Jul 04, 2018 for Isuzu mu-X
    My sturdy ass

    Since the launch of this SUV by the Japanese makers in Philippines, I have been waiting to get my hands on this ride. I fell in love with the rough rugged looks of this car from the first time I set my eyes on it and the love continued after I brought it home. The front end comes with a Read More 115