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Used Cars for Sale in Makati

Jun 29, 2022 - Currently, 156 Used Cars for Sale in Makati online. Check out the largest stock of old cars at best price, avail good condition Second Hand Cars in all over Makati, starting at ₱260,000 only.

As on Jun 29, 2022 there are 156 Used cars available for sale in the Makati. The most popular 2nd hand car brands available for sale in Makati are Toyota, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda and the most popular second hand car models available for sale are Toyota Vios, Toyota Avanza, Ford Ecosport, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Explorer. If we talk about the popular body type then 54 Suv, 37 Sedan, 19 Mpv, 12 Hatchback and 9 Crossover are choice of filippino drivers. The Cheapest one is 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage GLX MT for the price ₱260,000 driven 120000 Km and the most expensive one is 2020 Audi RS Q8 4.0L TFSI priced at ₱13.5 Million driven 3000 km. Get great deals on good condition second hand for sale in the Makati with price, features, images and specifications.

Second hand cars for sale in Makati

To combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, social distancing and avoiding crowded places have become the norm. As a result, the online automotive industry is booming as more people choose to buy used cars. This is to prevent the spread of the virus by lessening contact with other people in public transit. Likewise, it also provides a safe and comfortable daily commute in a country where there is a lack of quality infrastructure. Owning a used car is a sensible choice especially for traveling out of harm’s way and conveniently running errands. 

Reckoning today's latest technology, searching for and buying used vehicles has never been easier and more efficient. Pre-owned cars are not only cost-effective, but they can also provide and deliver much the same as a new car. This is why most practical consumers, especially Filipinos, prefer used vehicles rather than brand new ones. Besides that, the country’s leading car manufacturers render dependable and robust cars that are made to last a lifetime, as well as easy access to service centers and low-cost maintenance. The online automotive industry offers a diverse range of pre-owned vehicles, enabling anyone to acquire their ideal car for use as a family hauler, freight transport, personal use, or possibly other uses, depending on the vehicle type.

Why are second hand cars in Makati so popular?

Makati is one of the most bustling cities in the Philippines as it is known as the country’s top business district. No matter what time it is, the buzzing city remains wide awake even in the wee hours of the day. Amidst the current pandemic along with a congested locale, a comfortable and safe daily commute necessitates the purchase of a used vehicle. 

Pragmatists such as Filipinos prefer second hand cars for their high value for money all while still being in excellent condition. Aside from that, today's highly reputable online automotive markets are available, enabling everyone to find their ideal pre-owned vehicle anywhere, anytime with just a few swipes. A used car is often devalued for its capabilities, but most premium second hand vehicles offer almost the same safety features, ease of handling, and reassurance as a new vehicle.

1 - Second hand cars are more budget-friendly, so choosing for one would be a practical and smart option.

2 - To ensure that you have the best possible choice, all of the used cars on the website have been thoroughly vetted, including their quality and performance.

3 - Used cars typically have less insurance coverage than new vehicles, thus you pay lower annual insurance rates.

4 - In terms of payment, loans are often approved for older vehicles, allowing anyone to purchase a vehicle.

5 - In the same way that a new car can provide and deliver, a pre-owned vehicle can as well.

Which popular used cars for sale in Makati are in the news these days?

In light of the current pandemic and, of course, the notorious traffic in the Philippines, a growing number of people are opting for used cars from reputable automakers that provide competent, reliable, and innovative vehicles at an attractive price range. The leading car manufacturers in the country, specifically in Makati, are Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Ford, and Isuzu. Here at ZigWheels.ph, we have a user-friendly interface for you to easily find the type of vehicle you desire.

You can also look for second hand vehicles from credible car brands in the Philippines, which are being sold by either owners or dealers. We not only have a large selection of used cars for sale, but we also have helpful buying tips, so you get the best out of your hard-earned money.

Which are the best models of pre owned cars in Makati?

Those who live in the Philippines are well aware of how bad the weather can be. Not to mention, there is a pandemic at present and inevitable traffic jams on the daily. All the more reasons to validate the necessity of purchasing a used car, right? So, before approaching any dealers or owners to inquire about a pre-owned vehicle, you should be well-versed in basic car knowledge. You should also recognize the vehicle's history and current status, in addition to its performance and mileage capability. Also, you should consider a car model's fuel economy and powertrain if it would be used on a daily basis. 

Makati’s top-selling diesel-powered second hand cars are the Hyundai H-100, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Toyota Hiace, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, and Ford Everest. For the gasoline-powered category, on the other hand, are Toyota Alphard, Toyota Vios, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda City and Honda HR-V. The above-mentioned brands and models have earned a reputation for their performance. Because of its capabilities to provide robust safety features and professional vehicles at an attractive price point, the Japanese marque, Toyota, has long been the preferred car manufacturer of Filipinos.

Used cars for sale in Makati Below 200k

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer: Offered at ₱185,000

Mitsubishi, a Japanese brand, has long been regarded as one of the most dependable automakers behind Toyota. This brand offers a variety of options for both diesel and gasoline vehicles. For this particular model, this is suitable for daily use, as it offers excellent fuel economy and a powerful powertrain.

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Used Cars for Sale in Makati Price List

Used Cars for Sale in Makati Price List starts at ₱320,000 for the model Mitsubishi Mirage G4, in all a total of 156 2nd hand cars available for sale in the Philippines

Model Price list
Used Mitsubishi Lancer EX Starts @ ₱350,000 *
Used Mitsubishi Mirage Starts @ ₱418,050 *
Used Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Starts @ ₱320,000 *
Used Mitsubishi L300 Starts @ ₱450,000 *
Used Suzuki Kizashi Starts @ ₱358,000 *
Used Suzuki Jimny Starts @ ₱650,000 *
Used Toyota Fortuner Starts @ ₱520,000 *
Used Toyota Innova Starts @ ₱850,000 *
Used Toyota Hiace Starts @ ₱1.65 Million*
Used Toyota Vios Starts @ ₱400,000 *
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+ 14 Photos
2017 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS 2WD AT
48,000 KM, Diesel, Makati City
₱1.048 Million
1 / 0
+ 17 Photos
2017 Mitsubishi Adventure 2.5 GLX MT
86,074 KM, Diesel, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 6 Photos
2015 Ford Explorer 2.0L Ecoboost Limited
77,568 KM, Gasoline, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 11 Photos
2015 Toyota Vios 1.3L E AT
80,844 KM, Gasoline, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 11 Photos
2018 Toyota Vios 1.3 E CVT
93,439 KM, Gasoline, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 10 Photos
2017 Toyota Vios 1.3 E MT
49,978 KM, Gasoline, Makati City
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+ 14 Photos
2018 Ford Ranger XLT 2.2L 4x2 AT
61,000 KM, Diesel, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 16 Photos
2013 Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.5 6MT LT
58,000 KM, Diesel, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 18 Photos
2012 Toyota Innova 2.5L G AT
97,000 KM, Diesel, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 15 Photos
2016 Suzuki Swift 1.2L-A/T
37,000 KM, Gasoline, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 19 Photos
2014 Hyundai Starex 2.5L SVX AT
81,000 KM, Diesel, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 10 Photos
2016 Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.8 6AT 4X2 L
108,243 KM, Diesel, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 13 Photos
2014 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi GLS 6AT
63,000 KM, Diesel, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 11 Photos
2017 Suzuki Jimny JLX 1.3L-A/T
40,000 KM, Gasoline, Makati City
1 / 0
+ 18 Photos
2009 Chevrolet Tahoe 4x2 LT
80,000 KM, Gasoline, Makati City
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