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As on 25th September 2023 there are 3592 second hand cars for sale in the Philippines. The most popular 2nd hand car brands available for sale are Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Hyundai and Honda. The most popular second hand car models available for sale are Toyota Vios, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Toyota Wigo. If we talk about the popular body type then 986 Suv, 957 Sedan, 441 Mpv, 311 Hatchback and 263 Pickup Trucks are choice of Philippines drivers. The cheapest is Sentra ( 1990 petrol manual) for ₱45,000 in Quezon City and the most expensive one is Ghost ( 2022 petrol automatic) for ₱49 Million in Makati City. Get great deals on good condition second hand cars for sale in Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Choose from the 3592 good condition car for sale in the Philippines.

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How To Buy The Best Second Hand Cars for Sale in Philippines

The car manufacturing industry has a large selection of brand new and pre-owned cars, allowing anyone to find their ideal vehicle either to be used as a family hauler, freight transport, personal use, or other purposes, depending on the type of vehicle. In purchasing brand new cars, you have to go to your trusted automotive dealership of choice. When you arrive, you must, of course, choose the model of vehicle you desire, as well as the color, variant, and add-ons that you seek. The dealership will later manage all the paperwork needed, and they can even give you a year of comprehensive insurance and other benefits

Brand New Car vs. Second hand Car

Filipinos are most known to be practical consumers; this then gives an advantage to second hand cars for their better value for money while still being in excellent condition. In buying pre-owned vehicles, the dealer or former owner may lower down or hike up the price for various reasons — this may be due to its current status having slight damages and flaws or if the base model was upgraded. The booming online automotive market is owed to the ease of access to browse and purchase vehicles at one’s disposal; hence, opting for a pre-owned vehicle has never been easier. Contrary to brand new cars that come at a fixed price, the price of pre-owned vehicles varies from shop to shop. 

Unless there are other additional features you want to include, such as a sunroof, GPS navigation, backup camera, bigger rims, and so on, the yellow tag of a brand new car stays the same, be it at this dealership or other automobile dealerships. However, when it comes to second hand cars, expect that you will only get what you see. Although, you can always do an upgrade yourself if you already own it.

On a positive note, there are perks for owning either a brand new and a second hand vehicle. For those who are well-off and financially capable, buying a brand new car is a definite option. The same goes for those who want to opt for pre-owned vehicles. On top of a great bargain for its economical price, top-selling automakers render reliable and robust vehicles built to last for a long time along with accessible service centers and low-cost maintenance. The lack of quality infrastructure in the country makes it a practical choice to opt for second hand autos since most premium vehicles offer the same plethora of functionalities. For brand new cars, there is no need to worry about defects, unlike for certain second hand cars. Some might doubt the capabilities of a second hand car, but quite frankly, most premium used vehicles can render the same as a brand new auto.

Those who live in the Philippines know how bad the climate can be, particularly with the frequent heavy rainstorms and intense heat waves. As a result, most people prefer pre-owned vehicles that are durable and dependable. Before calling any dealers to find your perfect second hand vehicle, you should have a basic understanding of automobiles. You should consider not only the vehicle’s efficiency and mileage potential but also the vehicle's history and current status. If the car would be used on a regular basis, you should also consider its fuel economy, durability, and powertrain. You will save a lot of money and time if you happen to know these aspects.


Second Hand Car Pricing Explained

The price of a second hand car usually depends on its production year or year model the older it gets, the more it depreciates in value. Other than that, popularity also heavily influences the pricing in the market since in-demand models typically do not mark down their prices as opposed to less popular models. This said, even when a particular sought-after vehicle ages, its selling price will remain high as long as its credibility and popularity remain unchanged.

Other than a car’s specific year model and trim, the total kilometers driven by the car may also affect its fair value. When it comes to determining the better alternative between low-mileage or high-mileage, the substantially higher mileage along with constant maintenance is the way to go. Hardly ever second hand cars for sale are more likely to have issues down the hatch, as certain parts of the vehicle become brittle and thus break more easily. 

Another reason for the depreciation value of used vehicles is the introduction of new models. Inevitably, a good amount of consumers will, without a doubt, purchase the most recent generation, leaving pre-owned vehicles at a loss as their prices will probably decline if their popularity is not maintained.

Last but not least, the demand season for cars also influences the pricing as well. When the need for vehicles rises, so does the cost. Likewise, as the demand settles down due to slow sales or unsold stocks, the price decreases along with it


How To Pick The Right Model

If you are disrupted on what model to choose, you best try the guidelines we have prepared for you.

Buying a car is not something to be taken lightly otherwise, you will end up regretting your choice and wasting a lot of hard-earned money. In selecting your ideal car, you should first ponder upon the body type or the type of vehicle you need on a daily basis. May it be for hauling your family, commercial use, and so on. For instance, if you are looking for a vehicle specifically for the regular drive to work, university, or just to wander across town, then you should opt for a Sedan. Sedans are widely appreciated as they render comfort all while being able to weave around the busy streets of the city, which is why this body type is a staple.

Not only are you supposed to determine your ideal automotive body type but also whether or not you want a luxury type, sports type, off-road type, and whatnot.  A brand new car will invariably be more expensive, so you might want to take note of that. If that is the case, then you should prepare your budget ahead of time. 

Overall, the expenditures have only just begun, and hence it does not end even when the car is already purchased. You should be aware of the regular maintenance your vehicle requires in order to ensure maximum protection, as well as the costs of petrol, car insurance, and taxes. Maintaining your car is the most crucial for it to run as well as it is brand new. Usually, the labor fees vary per model and part. This is why knowing your vehicle well prior to buying it would be handy in the future to come. 


What Documents Should You Check When Buying a Second Hand Car

In buying a second-hand car, you should not only be wary of the car’s outside appearance and running condition but also its registration. Why might you ask? Well, you may not want a vehicle with criminal records nor a stolen one, now would you?

That being said, you should check for the verified original documents such as the Original Receipt of Registration (OR), Certificate of Vehicle Registration (CR), and Deed of Sale — if these cannot be presented, then most likely you will end up purchasing an illegally obtained car.

Aside from the documents mentioned above, look for the term "ENCUMBERED" on the vehicle's CR, as this indicates that the owner has not fully paid his or her financial obligations to the bank or where this vehicle was bought from. If you want to set this issue straight, then ask for the vehicle’s Chattel Mortgage. A copy of a notarized Deed of Sale should accurately evince its credibility. Aside from that, comparing the documents to the owner's driver's license or some other legitimate identification will help confirm that the document is not a counterfeit. 

The vehicle’s plate number should also be checked as buying a customized license plate may put you at high risk for potential fraud, so you might as well try to ask for the original one. You can also look into the plate number if it has a sticker that denotes the current year of its registration. You will see the sticker on the right side of the car’s windshield for newer models that have the latest white license plate. 

Lastly, you can verify a second-hand car just by sending a text message to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). By sending the vehicle's plate number to 2600, you will soon discover much about the vehicle's status, apprehensions, and other details that should fit the OR and CR presented. The steps are as follows: type “LTO VEHICLE (Vehicle’s plate number/ABC123)” and send it to 2600.  


About Second Hand Car Model Year

The price of a second hand car for sale is determined not only by the model but also by the color and trim level. A higher trim level would still have a higher value than an entry-level trim, regardless of the model year. Some automakers provide a particular color per trim level, which is why it can also contribute to its pricing. 

Anticipate newer models to arrive year after year on the grounds that the vehicle is in production. A full model shift and a face-lift/minor change are the two kinds of model changes. The former means refers to a vehicle that has been completely redesigned both inside and out in comparison to its predecessor. On the flip side,  the latter is centered on the present generation but with minor interface tweaks and additional new features. That being said, the price difference between the two is due to the fact that a complete model update/new generation model is more in demand than a face-lift/minor change model.


About Second Hand Car Mileage

Comprehending a car’s mileage will also help you figure out how much it would cost and what problems you might encounter. The higher the mileage, the more it should make a vehicle at a lower cost. While this might seem to be a huge benefit, it generally means that the more mileage it has, the more parts are needed to be replaced. The reason behind this is because it indicates the extent of the vehicle’s usage over a period of time. Likewise, a low mileage, for instance, of only 60,000km and above, can cause many problems as it will be difficult to pinpoint the focal need for changing. Engine overhauls, transmission overhauls, suspension as well as other support replacements, air conditioning problems, and, finally, leaks are some of the most expensive fixes you might happen to experience.

Remember to invest money for potential replacements and or repairs in the future, especially if you are opting to buy a relatively low-cost vehicle with high mileage. 


About Second Hand Car Repair History

There are people who do not typically open up any history of repairs and or accidents. Some even sell the car based on its market value without fully repairing the vehicle. So as to prevent buying cars like these, you should make sure to check its history prior to buying. This not only places you in a vulnerable position that could endanger you and your family's safety, but it could also cost you a lot of money until the necessary repairs are identified and needed.


About Second Hand Car Options and Upgrades

When buying a new vehicle, you can most certainly request upgrades, as opposed to buying a second hand car for sale. You can only upgrade your second hand car once it is yours. It might be best if you look for vehicles that already have your ideal upgrades. However, with such existing upgrades, expect that it will be a bit more costly. 

On a lighter note, not only will it be less expensive compared to a brand new car, but it will also save you more time and money if you decide on upgrading them yourself.


Inspecting a Second Hand Car For Sale

When inspecting a second hand car, it can be tough to determine a vehicle’s condition, especially if you are not a car enthusiast. But for starters, you can first examine if there are any scratches or dents seen on the exterior aspect of the car and or if the color is even. You should also check for any issues regarding both the headlights and taillights. If you have noticed any discoloration or unevenness in color, this might indicate that the car has been through an accident. Misaligned bumpers can also suggest recent repairs via a third-party shop.

In checking for the interior cabin, this might depend on your personal preferences. This includes looking over for any malodorous smell, scratches on the dashboard, side panels, and so on. 

For its running condition, unless you know nothing about probing a car’s current performance, this may not be the job for you; we highly suggest that you have it professionally checked so as to accurately determine whether it is in a good state or not. 


About Car Registration

For you to drive your vehicle in the Philippines, you need to register your car annually. But as a bonus for brand new cars, you will be given three years of initial registration. 

If you are wondering how and when you are supposed to renew your vehicle’s registration, listen closely. The last digit on your license plate refers to the month you need to renew your registration; take note if your last digit is zero, then that equates to October. The second digit on your plate is based on the week you can renew your registration. The numbers 1 — 3 correlates to the first days of the first week of the month. For numbers 4 — 6, this refers to the 8th till the 14th day of the second week. Numbers 7 — 8 equates to the 15th till the 21st day of the third week. And lastly, numbers 9 and 0 covers the 22nd till the 31st day of the final week.

Aside from that, you need to figure out what class of vehicle you are driving. This may be — Private, For-Hire, Government, Diplomatic, Other Exempt Motor Vehicles, and Stolen and Recovered Motor Vehicle. Also, be mindful that each classification requires different requirements. 

All you have to do now is renew your vehicle's registration on time, go to your nearest LTO office along with the necessary documents as well as your vehicle if you already know the gist of how to renew your car. Mentioned below are the requirements for Private and For-Hire classifications.


Private vehicles

  • Photocopy of CR (Certificate of Registration)
  • Photocopy of OR (Official Receipt of Payment)
  • MVIR (Motor Vehicle Inspection Report)
  • CEC (Certificate of Emission Compliance)
  • TIN number


For Hire vehicles

  • Photocopy of CR (Certificate of Registration)
  • Photocopy of OR (Official Receipt of Payment)
  • COC (Certificate of Cover)
  • MVIR (Motor Vehicle Inspection Report)
  • CEC (Certificate of Emission Compliance)
  • TIN number
  • Confirmation of Franchise
  • MTOP (Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit/for tricycles only)

The following is the expense of renewing your vehicle’s registration:

PHP 1,000 for the initial fee; PHP 400 for renewal fee; PHP 50 for the stickers; and PHP 450 for the regular plate. You will also be charged another PHP 1,000 for the emission and TPL. Registering it late will cost you PHP 200 per week, 50% Motor Vehicles Users Charge (MVUC). If you are registering a month late but less than a year or a year later will cost you a renewal fee for each delinquent year with 50% of the MVUC rate. 


Trade-In/Used Car Price Assessment

You can also trade in your current vehicle if you are trying to purchase a new one. Note that this only applies to outlets or establishments that offer these promotions. This may be uncertain, but you may want to opt for a second hand car dealer than a private transaction for a better return.

Aside from trading it in, you can also sell it yourself, which is typically done by most Filipinos. 


Final Decision Making

A test drive is a must after validating a car’s credentials, such as its repair records, physical status, and whatnot. By doing this, you will get to know its condition firsthand. In testing the vehicle out, you should note the steering, braking, acceleration, hand brakes, air conditioning, both inside and outside lighting, buttons, and dials, and power windows.

Finally, you should also see to it that you are buying from a legitimate person. You should be aware if the seller is acting kind of sketchy or suspicious when conversing about sales or if he or she is too assertive in making you buy the vehicle. If you have any questions, ask away. Don’t be too shy and reserved as you are about to spend an immense amount of money. Try also to negotiate the price but also respect the seller’s disposition. Remember that you don’t owe the seller a hasty response. 



The online market has its perks and usefulness, but a platform this big has its downsides, particularly online scammers. You can prevent being scammed by the following tips below:

As iterated many times, you should be cautious if the price is way too low, as this is how they steal your attention. Usually, these vehicles have been damaged that sellers would likely keep a secret. To prevent being outwitted by these scammers, cross-check information by checking other listings.

You should also be mindful if some parts of the vehicle are rusty, as this may indicate signs of corrosion. Also, you should see to it that the seller does not live near a cost as the combination of the sun and salt air can be detrimental to a car’s status.

Make sure that the seller is genuinely selling his or her vehicle without any fraudulence whatsoever. Be aware if he or she is not as enthusiastic or confident in conversing about the vehicle with you. If the seller does not personally show you the vehicle, then you might want to rethink your options. 

In addition to an extensive list of second hand cars for sale by either owners or dealers, ZigWheels.ph provides seamless automotive transactions by providing useful advice about buying pre-owned vehicles. 


Is It Worth Buying A Used Car With High Mileage?

As opposed to a vehicle with low mileage, a vehicle with higher mileage is always the better option as it indicates that the car is up and running. When choosing between low-mileage and high-mileage vehicles, the significantly higher mileage combined with regular maintenance is the way to go. Cars that haven't been driven in a long time are more likely to have problems since some parts of the vehicle become fragile and break easily.


Is It OK To Buy a Second Hand Car?

Absolutely. You just need to be wise about choosing your preferred pre-owned car. With that strategy, you’ll be able to find a vehicle as good as a brand new car.