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Used & 2nd hand Hyundai Cars for Sale Philippines

Jun 23, 2021 - Currently, 369 Used & 2nd hand Hyundai Cars for Sale Philippines online. Check out the largest stock of old cars at best price, avail good condition Second Hand Cars in all over Philippines, starting at ₱160,000 only.

369 Used Hyundai Cars available for sale in Philippines starting from ₱160,000 . Get great deals on good condition used Hyundai cars for sale in Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Choose from the 369 good condition second hand Hyundai cars in Philippines.

Hyundai second-hand cars for sale: Overview

One of the significant gamers in the Filipino automotive market is Hyundai. It is one of the first companies introduced to the country at least two decades back. Hyundai is one of the world's renowned names, and with its excellent car collections and services, it has also achieved a reputed position in the Philippines. The company is known for the fantastic cars, be it the Hyundai Accent car or the Grand Starex urban van. All these cars are enchanting in looks and the epitome of innovation and creativity in terms of technology. 

According to the reports from Hyundai Asia Resources Inc, the company witnessed a sharp plummeting in the overall sales by 2.9% year-on-year. The company was able to sell around thirty-three thousand vehicles throughout the year in 2019. Despite the Philippines going into lockdown in 2020, the company maintained steady sales throughout the year. One of the main reasons this car company has become so famous in the Philippines is affordability even though most of the cars have high-end technologies. Apart from this, several variants of each model come with different key features, which have also significantly increased the company's sales in the last decade. 

As Hyundai's car market is growing with each quarter, its direct effect can be seen in the used car dealership market. Filipino people are now looking for a trustworthy dealer who can buy their favourite car model at a low price. These cars are pre-owned, but they have the same appeal as that of the new vehicle, which is why you can easily have them without any repercussions. 

For example, let's assume you want to buy the 2020 variant of the all-new venue, but the dealer closest to your space has run out of stock. Also, the price of the new model is way beyond your budget. Under such a disheartening scenario, you are left with no option but to wait for the time when you will manage to increase your account and the dealer has restocked his collection. Since both the options sound quite pathetic, it’s better to look for the 2nd hand Hyundai cars for sale. These cars are readily available, and also, you will have to pay much less compared to the original's price. 

Looking for a new Hyundai car? Check Hyundai Philippines Price list of new models.

Top reasons why one should choose pre-owned Hyundai automobile 

We clearly understand your hesitations, and we also know how scared you are to invest your money in a used car. But, trust us when we say this, the pre-owned vehicles and the new ones are different only in terms of the year they were bought. Other than that, both cars' features will be the same, and the used car will be available at a lower price. Hence, you can quickly get your dream work without having to spend too much money on the model. 

Before buying pre-owned cars, you have all the proper documents to avoid any legal mishaps later on in the future. 

Used & 2nd hand Hyundai Cars for Sale Philippines Price List

Used & 2nd hand Hyundai Cars for Sale Philippines Price List starts at ₱160,000 for the model Hyundai Getz, in all a total of 369 2nd hand cars available for sale in the Philippines

Model Price list
Used Hyundai Accent Starts @ ₱255,000 *
Used Hyundai Accent Hatch Starts @ ₱390,000 *
Used Hyundai Azera Starts @ ₱860,000 *
Used Hyundai Elantra Starts @ ₱300,000 *
Used Hyundai Eon Starts @ ₱218,000 *
Used Hyundai Genesis Coupe Starts @ ₱598,000 *
Used Hyundai Genesis G90 Starts @ ₱4.8 Million*
Used Hyundai Grand i10 Starts @ ₱360,000 *
Used Hyundai Grand Santa Fe Starts @ ₱810,000 *
Used Hyundai Grand Starex Starts @ ₱170,000 *
Used Hyundai H-100 Starts @ ₱480,000 *
Used Hyundai i10 Starts @ ₱200,000 *
Used Hyundai Kona Starts @ ₱623,000 *
Used Hyundai Reina Starts @ ₱346,000 *
Used Hyundai Santa Fe Starts @ ₱370,000 *
Used Hyundai Sonata Starts @ ₱275,000 *
Used Hyundai Tucson Starts @ ₱268,000 *
Used Hyundai Palisade Starts @ ₱3.5 Million*
Used Hyundai Veloster Starts @ ₱801,000 *
Used Hyundai Getz Starts @ ₱160,000 *
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+ 9 Photos
2019 Hyundai Accent
11,000 KM, Gasoline, 1.4 GL 6MT
1 / 0
+ 15 Photos
2012 Hyundai Grand Starex
70,000 KM, Diesel, 2.5 Gold Dsl
2012 Hyundai Grand Starex
1 / 0
+ 5 Photos
2016 Hyundai Grand Starex
71,819 KM, Diesel, 2.5 CRDi GLS 5AT (Dsl) 10 Seater
2016 Hyundai Grand Starex
1 / 0
+ 11 Photos
2018 Hyundai Grand Starex
30,268 KM, Diesel, 2.5 CRDi GLS 5AT (Dsl) 10 Seater
₱1.098 Million
1 / 0
+ 8 Photos
2015 Hyundai Grand Starex
1 KM, Diesel, GLS CRDIVGT (10s)- U(Swivel seats) AT
1 / 0
+ 12 Photos
2019 Hyundai H-100
20,000 KM, Diesel, 2.5 CRDi GL 6M/T (Dsl, With A/C)
1 / 0
+ 16 Photos
2016 Hyundai Tucson
30,000 KM, Diesel, 2.0 CRDi GLS 8AT 2WD (Dsl)
1 / 0
+ 13 Photos
2017 Hyundai Grand Starex
21,000 KM, Diesel, 2.5 CVX
₱1.32 Million
1 / 0
+ 8 Photos
2021 Hyundai Accent
24,000 KM, Diesel, 1.6 CRDi GL 6MT (Dsl)
1 / 0
+ 15 Photos
2020 Hyundai Kona
13,000 KM, Gasoline, 2.0 GLS 6A/T
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FAQs on Used & 2nd hand Hyundai Cars for Sale Philippines

Answers to most common frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Used & 2nd hand Hyundai Cars for Sale Philippines

  • How many used Hyundai cars listed by owner in Philippines at Zigwheels?
    Currently, We have 152 used Hyundai cars listed by owners in Philippines.
  • Which is the recently added used Hyundai car available in Philippines?
    2019 Hyundai Accent is the latest addition to our used Hyundai cars listing.
  • Which is the cheapest used Hyundai car available in Philippines at Zigwheels?
    The cheapest used Hyundai car listed at Zigwheels is 2007 Hyundai Getz available at ₱160,000 .
  • Which is the least Driven Second Hand Hyundai car available in Philippines?
    The least driven second hand Hyundai car listed at Zigwheels is 2012 Hyundai Starex, the odometer reading stands at 1 and is available at ₱588,000 .