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In Philippines, Mazda sells around 11 cars which include 3 Sedan, 2 Coupe, 2 Hatchback, 2 Crossover, 1 Pickup Trucks and 1 SUV. The highest priced model is the CX-9 at ₱2.95 Million while the 2 Sedan at ₱850,000 is the lowest. For the best offers on Mazda cars contact your nearest dealer from 24 authorized Mazda car dealers across 22 cities in the Philippines.

Mazda Philippines price list

Model Price
Mazda 2 Sedan ₱850,000 - ₱1.08 Million
Mazda 3 Hatchback ₱1.09 - ₱1.49 Million
Mazda 3 Sedan ₱1.09 - ₱1.28 Million
Mazda BT-50 ₱1.35 - ₱1.55 Million
Mazda CX-3 ₱1.28 - ₱1.48 Million
Mazda CX-5 ₱1.68 - ₱2.23 Million
Mazda 2 Hatchback ₱965,000 - ₱1.08 Million
Mazda 6 ₱1.93 - ₱2.25 Million
Mazda MX-5 ₱1.93 - ₱2.16 Million
Mazda CX-9 ₱2.95 Million
Mazda MX-5 RF ₱2.68 Million
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  • H
    Hans Jun 22, 2019 for Mazda MX-5
    wide and bold car to fall in love with

    Since my childhood I always used to fight with my father to buy an open car to ride. He used to convince me in very tricky way. Once he bought me the car on my birthday which was blue in color, I remember those twining red lights and that funny music. Later we moved on with the life but the Read More 0

  • H
    Hans Jun 22, 2019 for Mazda 6
    graceful and striking performing car

    What makes a good car? - Undoubtedly the trait list of the car. I went through Mazda 6 model which is amazing creation of Mazda. I liked the red color as it looks most unique and make it imperial. The car is styled by the Japanese technology is fantastic in all aspects of the making. Superiority reflects from the design Read More 0

  • S
    Sez Jun 22, 2019 for Mazda CX-9
    my dream car in front of my dream house

    I was very passionate to set the goals to myself and to achieve them is a monument to my efforts. In my life I was dreaming for a lavish house and a royal car. Mazda CX 9 is exactly what I was looking forward to. The exaggeration is real because it is the sporty looking car and extra ordinary cheeked Read More 0

  • j
    Jotz Jun 22, 2019 for Mazda MX-5
    unusual and most approachable car

    No one can off the eyes from the sensational and breathe taking Mazda MX 5. Trust me I am not lying I was not ready to leave the car of the test driving. I just wanted to drive it to the house. I know that was not going to happen as there were formalities remained to be completed. Approachable open Read More 0

  • C
    Chriz Jun 22, 2019 for Mazda BT-50
    enriched facilitated sporty glanced car

    Keep all the sporty looking cars in one hand and Mazda BT – 50 in other hand. The Mazda BT 50 is very much eye-catchy in its appearance. The engine performance is adequate and other technology used in the enriched touch of the leisure texture to the seats allows the person to stick to their decision. The comparatively inexpensive yet Read More 0