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Currently Subaru is offering 9 new car models in the Philippines. The Subaru WRX, Subaru XV, Subaru Legacy are the most popular cars from Subaru in their respective car segments.

Subaru Philippines has a line-up of 1 SUV (Subaru Forester), 4 Sedan (Subaru WRX, Legacy, WRX STI, Impreza), 1 Coupe (Subaru BRZ), 1 Station Wagon (Subaru Levorg), 2 Crossover (Subaru XV, Outback). Zigwheels provides you the Subaru Philippines price list for September 2020, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

About Subaru Philippines

Subaru was founded in 1955 although Subaru's history begins over a hundred years ago when the brand launched its first-ever Aircraft Research Laboratory under the name of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. 

However, it was in 1954 when the first prototype 4-wheel passenger vehicle P-1, later known as the Subaru 1500, was completed. Also, Subaru became one of the first few companies to market a full-time All-Wheel Drive (AWD) passenger car in 1986 by combining a turbocharged engine with an AWD system. 

Over the years, Subaru has continuously worked on improving the AWD system with its hallmark Symmetrical AWD system, enhancing safety and optimizing the driving pleasure. The mid-90s saw Subaru’s entry into the Philippine motoring scene under the Columbian Motors Philippines.

It was in 2000 when Subaru PH withdrew operations and re-entered six years later under new management. Currently, Subaru PH is under the helm of Motor Image Pilipinas Inc. (MIPI), and as the brand’s official importer and distributor, MIPI has worked majorly on the brand’s fame and built a reputation.

Today, Subaru has become one of the world's leading automakers, best known for its engineering, safety, reliability, and functionality. Subaru vehicles are widely known as the "driver's cars," offering superb handling through the pairing of the brand’s core technologies: Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Boxer Engine. 

Currently, Subaru is offering 9 new car models in the Philippines. The Subaru Legacy, Subaru WRX, Subaru Levorg are the most popular cars from Subaru in their respective car segments. In its most recent sales figure, Subaru has hit 2.26 million units and planned to reach more than double its annual global sales by 2020.

Subaru Philippines Price List 2020

Subaru car prices start at ₱1.51 Million for the most inexpensive model Impreza and goes up to ₱2.85 Million for the most expensive car model Subaru WRX STI.

Subaru Models Price List
Subaru WRX ₱1.98 - ₱2.16 Million
Subaru XV ₱1.68 - ₱1.99 Million
Subaru Legacy ₱1.9 - ₱2.21 Million
Subaru Levorg ₱1.94 - ₱2.1 Million
Subaru BRZ ₱2.16 Million
Subaru WRX STI ₱2.85 Million
Subaru Impreza ₱1.51 Million
Subaru Outback ₱2.18 - ₱2.41 Million
Subaru Forester ₱1.7 - ₱2.17 Million

Upcoming Subaru Cars Price List

Upcoming Subaru cars in the Philippines include the Subaru Ascent 2020.

Subaru Model Expected Launch Date
Subaru Ascent 2020 Sep 28, 2020

Subaru Philippines Promos

Today on 19 September 2020, avail Impreza Promos with lowest downpayment & monthly installment: DP ₱291600, and MA ₱25323 (60 months) at Zigwheels.

Subaru Dealers

There are 18 authorized Subaru car dealers across 17 cities in the Philippines.

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  • S
    Shawn Sep 18, 2020 for Subaru Outback

    I don’t think that Subaru cars are given the kind of attention they deserve against the popularity of Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. Even I did not know much about the brand until my office manager told me that he was going to buy a Subaru WRX. I was quite intrigued and went on to test drive the Outback SUV. That Read More 1

  • K
    Kenny Sep 18, 2020 for Subaru WRX

    I remember fantasizing a Subaru WRX STI-like car when I was a kid. And while growing up, I have come across many cars that looks sporty right from the onset, but there are few that can match up to the WRX STI. I own one and I am proud of the purchase. To be honest, it feels like a jacked-up Read More 0

  • S
    Saber Sep 18, 2020 for Subaru Levorg

    For any person who has a craze for cars, a sporty looking or rugged appearance car would be a pleasing sight. It is the same with me and I am fascinated with power, speed and race-car like design. The moment I came to know about the Subaru Levorg, I made up my mind of buying it. I never regret the Read More 0

  • M
    Marvin Sep 18, 2020 for Subaru WRX

    Subaru WRX is the kind of car you would have seen racing around in a mobile game Need For Speed. Well, this car is for real and I happen to own one in the exact silver colour. First of all, I have to emphasize on the kind of performance that the WRX brings on the road. It has a very Read More 0

  • l
    Lyrold Sep 18, 2020 for Subaru Legacy

    It was only after I purchased a Subaru Legacy that I realized the kind of wrong impression people have about the brand as a whole. Most people in my friend’s group don’t believe that the Subaru cars can be good. But for me, Subaru car is the ultimate performance beast in their specific pricing bracket. I purchased the Legacy for Read More 1