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Currently Porsche is offering 5 new car models in the Philippines. The Porsche 911, Porsche Panamera, Porsche 718 are the most popular cars from Porsche in their respective car segments.

Porsche Philippines has a line-up of 1 SUV (Porsche Macan), 2 Convertibles (Porsche 911, 718), 3 Coupe (Porsche 911, 718, Taycan), 1 Station Wagon (Porsche Panamera). Zigwheels provides you the Porsche Philippines price list for March 2021, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

About Porsche Philippines

Initially a consultation company, Porsche was the brainchild of Ferdinand Porsche and was founded in the year 1931. In its first run, the brand was called the Dr. Ing. H.C.F. Porsche. The company was far away from developing cars and held its specialty in assisting the automotive sector of the country in terms of technology, development, and innovation.

Prior to the 2nd World War, the German Government issued an order for Mr. Porsche to innovate a commercial car. It was at this brief moment in history when the world witnessed the creation of ‘The Beetle’. However, it was in the year 1948 when the very first Porsche-vehicle was born. The 356 was the first official design for Porsche by Ferdinand’s son, Ferry Porsche.

With the advancements in years and the building of cars, Porsche made itself known to the world for its cars that offer a world-class ride. With models such as the 911 in its lineup, it made a name for itself on the race tracks as one of the best sports car builders in the world. Moreover, due to the cars that the brand developed, Porsche has been able to secure awards like 24 Hours of Le Mans for 16 times.

Porsche has also created a museum for its initial cars and the history it has made in the years. Porsche made its way to the Phillippines way back in the year 2005 via its official importer, the PGA Cars Inc. that also goes by the name Porsche Centre.  With its headquarter located in Mandaluyong, the brand offers cars whose line-up includes the flagship 911, Cayman, Boxter, Panamera, Cayenne, and Macan. In the more current news, Porsche has been known for testing an electrical drivetrain for its iconic 911. The future of Porsche surely looks electrifying.

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There are 1 authorized Porsche car dealers across 1 cities in the Philippines.

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  • M
    Mateo Jan 15, 2021 for Porsche Macan

    This car just filled with my life with lot of good things especially when I needed a positive change in life the most. What I mostly admired was its racy performance. The car has the capacity to win anyone’s heart with that. Then you will get uplifted the moment you get a glimpse of its styling. So very rocking and Read More 32

  • M
    Muhammad Jan 15, 2021 for Porsche 718

    I have a mixed view when it comes to giving my feedback about my car, Porsche 718. Let me start with its strengths first. The handling of the car is pretty crisp and breathtaking. You will love the eager powertrains of this vehicle as well. Get the decent speed out of the car the moment you are mounting on this. Read More 23

  • A
    Aiden Jan 15, 2021 for Porsche Panamera

    If you are looking for a luxury car with the purchase of which you will not have to compromise on any aspect, I would suggest check out this car for once. I would recommend you to go for the one that is inclusive of adjustable air suspension that is an optional feature. You will get enough fun and thrill even Read More 9

  • R
    Rizalino Dec 21, 2020 for Porsche 911

    I still wanted a supercar, but I didn't have a budget for it. That's when I got to hear about the Porsche 911. At first sight, it was sort of lust. I never expected Porsche to sell such a sporty sports car at an affordable price point. It was like a dream car for me as it had everything I Read More 80

  • D
    Dante Nov 09, 2020 for Porsche 911

    Do you want to gift yourself with something so ethereal that can appear to be a lifetime gift? Then just go for Porsche 911. I am a hardcore admirer of this car off late. This is a sports car that you can actually dream of owning and driving for several years to come. The car will not disappoint you in Read More 50

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