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  • J
    Jan Oct 22, 2018 for Abarth 595
    the ride was very comfortable

    Who doesn't love cars? I have always loved roads and traveling. My father used to tell me that the roads have an answer to everything. He was also a sort of traveler. I got this from him and after working for two years, I wanted to purchase a car and take a break and go on a road trip. I Read More 2

  • T
    Tristan Oct 22, 2018 for Abarth 695
    I have loved lavish cars

    I have loved lavish cars and always wanted to own one. When I got into office, I knew I had to save and purchase one. After 2 years, I had enough money to get a car myself. But, there were so many options and I wanted it for so long that I was not able to decide which one to Read More 1