Manny Pacquiao\'s Car Collection is as Great as His Boxing Skills

  • Aug 09, 2016

MANILA: Who doesn't know Manny Pacquiao aka Philippines glory figure, who has gained a number of titles for the country. But Manny's life was not always this glamorous and he have had his share of struggle that many are not aware of. To start off, he is a school dropout and used to sell donut during his childhood. And this what we feel is the reason for his humbleness that never seems to vanish behind his multi-million image.

Well, it is no hidden fact that the guy earns superbly well, all thanks to his booming boxing career, endorsements, and other means. But the question is what are his interests that he fulfills through his ever-growing treasure. Well, apart from buying homes around the globe and filling their parking lots with high-end cars and a chopper Manny is a dedicated charity man, who spend a lot of money on good causes.

But out of all, our sole interest lies in his fascinating car collection that along with high-end cars like Ferrari has mass market cars like Mitsubishi and BYD too. Seems like the man is more grounded and realistic unlike his counterpart Mayweather.

Below are mentioned few cars out of his big collection that are lucky to have an owner like Manny -

1. Mercedes-Benz SL 550

Manny Pacquiao SL 550

Time and again Manny Pacquiao has been seen driving his SL 550 on the streets of the United States. Paparazzi have clicked multi shots of Manny driving his Merc to Freddie Roach's wild card gym. This 2006 model of SL550 houses a V8 mill that effortlessly pumps out a maximum power of 380 hp along with 390 lbs-ft of peak torque.

2. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Manny Cayenne Turbo S

This beauty from the house of Porsche was purchased by Pacquiao soon after he defeated Erik Morales in the epic rematch. Though the car was purchased by him while he was in the U.S, on returning to the Philippines he planned to bring this one along. And who is not aware of the blunder that Pacman's broker created by skipping more that $11,000 dollar of import duty. What Manny's has in stock is the second-generation model of the car and so this one comes fitted with a turbo 4.5-litre mill pumping out 520 hp of power and 530 lbs-ft of torque.

3. Ferrari 458 Italia

This one surely is his favorite among the lot. Ferrari 458 Italia is the 'it' car of Hollywood and from high-end athletes to big stars like Justin Bieber has a 456 Italia resting in their garage. Time and again Manny has been seen on 110 Freeway in Los Angeles having a good time with his Ferrari. And how can one forget the time when Manny was seen pumping fuel in the said car, the instance flooded the internet with videos of the same instance. Thanks to its 4.5-litre naturally aspirated V8 mill, the car produces 568 hp and 398 lbs-ft on the power and torque front respectively.

4. Lincoln Navigator


Here's a car that Manny prefers for his daily commute and to travel long distances, the Lincoln Navigator. The boxing star preferred Lincoln Navigator over his other flashier cars when he used to ride to the gym for practice before his fight. Also, on one reported instance Manny chose Lincoln over air ride when he was required to travel to Los Angeles. Pacquiao has second generation model of the said car which means he has the one powered by 5.4 litre Triton V8 mill.

That's all for now on Manny Pacquiao car collection front, we'll update you as soon as the star plans to add another gem to his long collection.


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