Hatasu PH launches Hero

Hatasu PH launches Hero

MANILA: Hatasu expanded its lineup in the Philippine market with the introduction of the Hero electric three-wheeler.


  • How much is the Hatasu Hero?

    The Hatasu Hero is priced at P64,990.
  • What are the Hatasu Hero's colors?

    The Hatasu Hero is available in two-tone (black/grey) and all-black colorways.
  • Per the brand’s local arm, the newly-launched model is set to cater to one’s daily riding needs —be it for household use, service, business, errands and even community. 

    The Hatasu Hero wears a front splash guard, eagle-eye headlights, patented leather roof, back cover, underseat and back compartments, dual and reverse horn as well as long handlebars.

    Hatasu Hero

    In addition, the aforementioned offering has a load capacity of 250 kilograms and can carry up to three individuals.

    Powering the vehicle is a 650-watt differential motor with an upgraded controller that allows it run 20-25 kilometers per hour and has a range of up to 70 kilometers. Its suspension fork absorbs the bumps on the road.

    Available in two-tone (black/grey) and all-black colorways, the Hatasu Hero is offered with a price tag of P64,990.

    Those who will get their Hatasu Hero will receive a limited gift box worth P1,790 upon purchase.

    Hatasu freebies 2023

    Aside from that, the customers can also earn five raffle entries to the Hatasu Holiwheels Raffle Promo should they purchase the Hero today up to December 31, 2023.

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