Foton flexes lineup headlined by Tornado EV, first electric truck in the Philippines

Foton flexes lineup headlined by Tornado EV, first electric truck in the Philippines

The introduction of the first totally electric truck to be made accessible in the Philippines — the Foton Tornado EV — upended the whole trucking logistics sector. This was in addition to Foton Motor Philippines’ extensive and powerful lineup of light, medium, and heavy trucks as well as heavy equipment.


  • What are the specs of the Foton Tornado EV?

    Driving range on a full charge is 208 kilometers. The Foton Tornado EV has a GVW of 6,000 kilograms with a load mass of 3,600 kilograms and a curb weight of 2,400 kilograms.
  • What are the vehicles in Foton Philippines' lineup?

    Foton Philippines offers the Traveller XL 16-seater van, Thunder Pickup, Tornado electric truck, and Harabas Miler commercial vehicle.
  • "Last 2018, in conformity with the Clean Air Act, Foton launched its Euro 4-compliant line of light- to heavy-duty trucks donning the Blue Energy badge. This time, Foton is taking it another step further with the introduction of our fully electric light-duty truck, the Foton Tornado EV. I believe that this will not only be a milestone for Foton Philippines, but for the country as well, as it is the first-ever electric truck in the Philippines," Foton Motor Philippines Chairman Rommel Sytin said in a speech.

    For years, Foton has offered cutting-edge mobility solutions to satisfy the demands of Filipino business owners and entrepreneurs. Ahead of the recent inflow of Chinese automobile brands into the Philippines, Foton was one of the first Chinese automotive companies to enter the Top 10 brands in vehicle sales. Foton is one of the first Chinese automotive brands to enter the nation.

    And on its 16th year in the market, the truck maker showcased its Traveller X, Thunder, and Harabas Miler models.

    2023 Foton Traveller X

    With its roomy interior, smooth ride, and refined diesel engine, the new and fuel-efficient 16-seater Foton Traveller X is perfect for extended travels with friends and family.

    Foton Tornado EVThunderHarabas MillerTraveller (1)

    With its wide range of safety and comfort amenities, the Foton Traveller XL may be configured as a business and corporate shuttle service or school bus for people who require even more capacity. This will ensure that every passenger has a comfortable and peaceful ride.

    2023 Foton Thunder

    A contemporary workhorse, the brand-new Foton Thunder pickup, has also been introduced. The Thunder, which is now available with an automatic transmission, is ideal for both navigating metropolitan streets for city dwellers and tackling difficult terrain for adventurers.

    The all-new Thunder 2.0 is proudly built by Filipinos for Filipinos, just like the rest of the Foton vehicle lineup, and is driven by full devotion to strengthening national mobility. It is powered by a powerful yet fuel-efficient third-generation 2.0-liter diesel engine designed and built by Foton Motors. It can carry up to one ton of rated payload capacity with a maximum power output of 160hp at 4,000rpm and torque of 390Nm.

    Foton Thunder 2.0

    The Thunder 2.0 also comes with roll-bars, cargo hooks for uncomplicated cargo mounting, huge tail lamps, LED DRL fog lamps, and a wide sporty grille carrying that rugged Foton style. It also features a game-changing blend of high-strength steel and a lightweight, energy-absorbing design.

    The Thunder 2.0's spacious interior features a six-way power-adjustable driver seat with a premium leather seat cover, a 10.25-inch floating LCD touchscreen for infotainment, a six-inch digital LCD instrument panel that displays essential vehicle conditions, and an interior lamp that changes color based on the occupants' mood.

    Thunder 2.0 occupants can also enjoy advanced comfort and convenience features starting with its car-like functions, such as the engine start/stop button, intelligent key feature with Passive Keyless Entry, Passive Start (PEPS), and Car Finder button. They can literally keep their cool on the road even when they are not touching the buttons, since the Thunder 2.0's automatic climate control can regulate the temperature on its own as needed.

    Foton Thunder 2.0

    Safety is always the first among Foton's top priorities, as exemplified by the all-new Thunder 2.0's undoubtedly robust unit. The Thunder 2.0 comes with Bosch's latest electronic stability program (ESP) and antilock braking system (ABS). It is also equipped with six airbags, including front, side, and side curtain airbags.

    2023 Foton Harabas Miler

    The Foton Harabas Miler has been thoroughly developed over three years of harsh and intensive testing in over 80 transport scenarios, including harsh driving conditions from the high altitudes of the 4,700-meter Tanggula Mountain Pass in Tibet, to the 45-degree heat of the Turban Basin in Xinjiang, to the extreme -35-degree cold in Inner Mongolia. It has passed all challenges with flying colors. In all, the Harabas Miler has gone through over two million kilometers of road testing and development.

    Prices for the new Harabas Miler start at P860,000. Foton's newest truck is made using the latest global manufacturing systems and methods using fully automated and robotized facilities.

    Foton Tornado EVThunderHarabas MillerTraveller (3)

    The Foton Harabas Miler is powered by a strong yet fuel-efficient 2.5-liter direct-injection common-rail turbocharged diesel engine developing 186hp at 3,000 rpm and an impressive 320 Newton-meters of torque at 1,000 - 2,800 rpm. The power plant is mated to a heavy-duty German-designed ZF 5-speed manual transmission.

    The cabin is equipped with more than eight storage spaces and cup/bottle holders, and the touchscreen Bluetooth infotainment system enables for hands-free calling and audio playback. The instrument panel has LCD gauges that are similar to those found in the newest luxury vehicles and SUVs. Large knobs and buttons on the AC make adjusting the climatic controls simple and secure.

    The Harabas Miler is as agile as a regular midsize SUV thanks to its neat 5.1-meter turning radius. Its dimensions of 5,038mm in length and 1,970mm in width make it easy to park in most parking places. The Harabas Miler has a very manageable footprint, yet it has a huge cargo box capacity of 13 cubic meters.

    Foton Tornado EVThunderHarabas MillerTraveller (2)

    The dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, seats, and overall ergonomics of the Foton Harabas Miler's roomy, well-appointed cabin could all be found in an opulent sedan.The driver won't need to open the windows and reach out to adjust the side mirrors because they can be changed electrically. Even heaters are available to prevent fogging in chilly and rainy conditions. The Harabas Miler boasts power windows, central locking, and even electric headlamp beam height adjustment to prevent blinding oncoming motorists even with a large load at the back.

    The height of the Harabas Miler's cargo floor is 845mm, making it easy for cargo loaders and unloaders to reach into the cargo area.

    2023 Foton Tornado EV

    Like the latest electric vehicles, the Foton Tornado EV 4x2 utilizes a permanent magnet synchronous motor with peak outputs of 154 horsepower and 300 Newton-meters of torque, enough to accelerate the electric truck from zero to 50 km/h in just 9 seconds and reach a top speed of 90 km/h.

    Driving range on a full charge is 208 kilometers (using the global WLTP standards) while charging may be done via AC or DC charger (2-4 hours on DC and 12 hours on AC from 20% to 100% charge).

    The braking system is traditional hydraulic for ease of maintenance and repairs. The truck's gradeability—the steepest hill a truck can climb using maximum torque at the lowest gear—is an impressive 20 percent.

    Foton Tornado EVThunderHarabas MillerTraveller

    The Foton Tornado EV has a GVW of 6,000 kilograms with a load mass of 3,600 kilograms and a curb weight of 2,400 kilograms. It measures 5,960 x 1.925 x 2,260 mm on a 3,360 mm wheelbase.

    Comfort, convenience, and safety features include ABS, EBD, an air conditioning system, multimedia (MP3/Aux/USB) audio system, adjustable steering wheel, power windows, central locking with remote key, reverse sensor, among many others.

    The new Tornado EV cab and chassis is priced at P3.6 million.

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