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Check out the 2022 Dongfeng price list in the Philippines. As of 26 September 2022, Dongfeng truck prices start at ₱920,000 for the most inexpensive model Flash and goes up to ₱4.4 Million for the most expensive truck model Dongfeng KC. Currently Dongfeng is offering 7 new truck models in the Philippines. The Dongfeng KL, Dongfeng KC, Dongfeng Titan are the most popular trucks from Dongfeng in their respective truck segments.

Dongfeng Philippines has a line-up of 1 Pickup (Dongfeng Titan), 1 Tipper (Dongfeng KC), 3 Deck Body (Dongfeng Captain, Captain-C, Captain-E), 1 Transit Mixer (Dongfeng KC), 2 Tractor Head Trailer (Dongfeng KL, Flash). Zigwheels provides you the Dongfeng Philippines price list for September 2022, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

Dongfeng Trucks Price List

Dongfeng Models Price List
Dongfeng KL ₱2.778 - 3.28 Million
Dongfeng KC ₱1.65 - 4.4 Million
Dongfeng Titan ₱920,000 - 1.166 Million
Dongfeng Captain ₱1.45 - 3.12 Million
Dongfeng Flash ₱920,000
Dongfeng Captain-C ₱1.55 - 1.57 Million
Dongfeng Captain-E ₱1.098 Million

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There are 15 authorized Dongfeng truck dealers across 14 cities in the Philippines.

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Tacloban construction firm gets 4 Dongfeng dump trucks
Tacloban construction firm gets 4 Dongfeng dump trucks MANILA: Pilipinas Autogroup, Inc. (PilipinasAuto), authorized distributor of Dongfeng buses and trucks in the country, brought four units of the... Sep 10, 2020 Primrose Lamaroza

Dongfeng Trucks User Reviews

  • T
    Tristan Jul 22, 2021 for Dongfeng T-Lift

    The Dongfeng T Lift has been at our construction site for over a year now and we are very happy with its service. While the T Lift came as an additional aid to our existing mixer, it quickly gained the place of being the main one. The best part about the mixer is that it effortlessly mixes all the cement, Read More 37

  • R
    Raahim Jul 22, 2021 for Dongfeng KX

    We have heard a lot about Dongfeng trucks and when the need arose to buy a truck, we went for this brand. We got the Dongfeng KX, a tractor head meant for heavy load carrying duties. The tractor head fits its job description perfectly. We use it to haul our massive flatbed trailer topped with industrial pipes. The KX delivers Read More 67

  • R
    Rowena Jul 22, 2021 for Dongfeng Captain-E

    My father recently got the Dongfeng Captain E to replace our old Dongfeng Captain C. He got the 4W CAB CHASSIS 10FT model and he is very happy with his purchase. The storage size of the truck is just right for any local small business. The 3.9 L tank offers a decent mileage and does not require constant refills. The Read More 98

  • K
    Kenny Jul 22, 2021 for Dongfeng Captain-C

    I have always heard how Dongfeng makes one of the best trucks in the Philippines market at very affordable rates. So when my previous truck met with an accident and suffered severe damages I decided to buy a new Dongfeng. I settled for the Dongfeng Captain C specifically the 6W CAB Chassis 20FT one and I am thrilled with my Read More 160

  • M
    Mishkat Jul 22, 2021 for Dongfeng KR

    I recently included the Dongfeng KR in my garbage disposal truck fleet. The storage space of the KR is exactly right for packing in at least a block or two worth of garbage, cutting down on multiple trips, and saving fuel. It also manages to give a steady performance even when loaded with garbage. My truck drivers love being assigned Read More 63