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  • F
    Francis Jul 14, 2021 for FAW 340M10

    The Faw 340 M 10 has been with us for just a week and we are already very fond of this machine. While our company got this mainly as an additional aid to the other mixer, the M 10 has already become our favorite and has been updated to the main mixer status. The best part about this mixer is Read More 1

  • S
    Sinag Jul 14, 2021 for FAW 270M10

    The Faw 270 M 10 came as an additional machine to support our main one and quickly replaced the main mixer due to its speed and efficiency. Within the first month, we realized the potential of the M 10. It's incredibly fast, packs in more material than the other one, and even manages to deliver a smooth paste consistency. Cleaning Read More 1

  • M
    Makisig Jul 14, 2021 for FAW 380D12

    If anyone asks me what is the best truck driving experience I have had in my 10 years of driving career, I would choose the Faw 380 D 12, hands-down. The vehicle was very easy to handle despite its large size. It also provided a steady smooth performance even when loaded with goods. Not only did the vehicle provide a Read More 1

  • M
    Mateo Jul 14, 2021 for FAW 340D10

    We have been using the FFaw 340 D 10 for the past year and it is one of the best trucks to work with. All the truck drivers in our organization have driven this truck at least once and we all agree that it is one of the best trucks in the Philippines market. The Faw 340 D 10 requires Read More 1

  • J
    Joshua Jul 14, 2021 for FAW 270D10

    Our transport business rents our mixers, heavy load and medium-sized trucks, and trailers to construction businesses. We recently added the Faw 270 D 10 to our fleet and the demand for this truck has skyrocketed in a very short time. Most of our customers prefer renting the 270 D 10 over the other trucks due to its sturdy, spacious storage. Read More 1