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  • S
    Sinag Jul 09, 2021 for TATA LPT 1618

    The TATA LPT 1618 has been assigned to me ever since I joined this transportation company. I have been driving the LPT 1618 for over 4 months and I am very happy with its service. The handling of the vehicle is very smooth and even a newcomer like me has no problem navigating it despite its massive size. It can Read More 3

  • J
    John Marknah Jul 09, 2021 for TATA Prima 4438 S

    I needed some additional trailers at my manufacturing company for transporting some raw materials. Since I have used other TATA trucks in my other business ventures, I decided to buy some more from this trusted company. I bought 3 sets of TATA Prima 4438 S and I am very happy with their service. All my truck drivers report that the Read More 2

  • M
    Makisig Jul 09, 2021 for TATA Prima 6038 S

    We have been using the TATA Prima 6038 S for transporting our lumber to different factories for over a month and we are very happy with its service. The Prime 6038 S comes with all the goodness and reliability of TATA. We required a massive-sized flatbed and this trailer meets our expectations perfectly. It can load at least 20 lumbers Read More 1

  • J
    Joshua Jul 09, 2021 for TATA LPT 1116

    My father and I have a small organic vegetable produce right outside the city lines. We have been looking for a good transport vehicle to move all our daily produce from the farm to the market. A friend suggested buying the TATA LPT 1116 and we decided to go for it. The vehicle is extremely sturdy - it has no Read More 1

  • D
    Daniel Jul 09, 2021 for TATA LPT 613

    The TATA LPT 613 is another champion truck by TATA. We have been using this truck for almost a year and a half and we have not faced any major problems. The LPT 613 often travels through extremely difficult roads and with heavy loads but manages to overcome them without any problems. The storage space is also big enough to Read More 1