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    Franklin Apr 26, 2022 for TATA LPT 1618

    I am a professional truck driver and I have driven quite a few so far in my career. None could match my current experience of driving the Tata LPT 1618. I have been driving it for almost a year at this logistic company I work at right now and it has been a very pleasurable experience. The truck is smooth, Read More 1

  • N
    Nathan Apr 26, 2022 for TATA Prima 4438 S

    If it comes to buying a light-medium duty truck at a great price, the Tata Prima 4438 S is indeed a great choice in the Philippines market. The medium size truck is one of the best in the segment. I can say that after a lot of research about trucks in the segment and driving this one consistently for the Read More 4

  • J
    Joseph Apr 26, 2022 for TATA Prima 6038 S

    The Tata Prima 6038 S is a very impressive and utilitarian truck. If you are a business owner who needs a commercial truck that is affordable as well as capable, I will recommend this truck to you. I have owned and extensively driven it for over a year and I have been very impressed by its performance and overall driving Read More 1

  • A
    Aiden Apr 26, 2022 for TATA LPT 1116

    If you need to buy a full-size truck that offers great comfort, performance and driving experience, then the Tata LPT 1116 is a perfect choice. I have been driving it for over a year now and I am very happy with the truck’s performance and load-carrying capacity. The standard diesel engine on my truck is really capable and makes for Read More 13

  • J
    Jejomar Apr 26, 2022 for TATA LPT 613

    I own the Tata LPT 613 and have been driving the truck for almost six months now. I think it is a really good truck at its price point and in the segment. The build is strong and reliable and the engine generates decent power to give this medium-sized truck some impressive load-carrying capacities. I think it can even compete Read More 6