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  • M
    Makisig Jul 21, 2021 for Hyundai HD 600

    Our automobile manufacturing company has been using the Hyundai HD 600 as our automobile transport vehicle for almost a month. The tractor head is a very reliable machine - it has been working effortlessly with our massive trailer. It delivers a steady performance even when our trailer is loaded with cars and bikes. The driver’s cabin is also spacious and Read More 3

  • E
    Espyke Jul 07, 2021 for Hyundai HD 370 S

    Our construction site required a reliable mixer to speed up our cement mixing process when a client suggested buying the Hyundai HD 370 S. We have had the HD 370 S for over a month on our construction site and it has already increased our work pace at a considerable rate. Not only does the mixer manage to churn a Read More 9

  • L
    Lawrence Jul 07, 2021 for Hyundai HD 270

    Our company has owned the Hyundai HD 270 for almost a year and it is one of the best trucks to own. We usually transport our heavy loads on this truck and it takes on a lot of weight without any difficulty. The storage space really saves us a lot of fuel by transporting all the goods in one single Read More 7

  • U
    Umar Jul 05, 2021 for Hyundai HD 370 S

    My construction business always requires the service of several mixers for churning cement throughout the day. While we did have 2 mixers, we needed another one and bought the Hyundai HD 370 S based on a friend’s recommendation. We have been using this mixer for over a month and have nothing to complain about. Not only does the mixer work Read More 2

  • J
    Jingco Jul 05, 2021 for Hyundai HD 36

    My family owns a small local fruit business and we were looking for a medium-sized vehicle to move all our products from our farm to our warehouse. A friend recommended the Hyundai HD 36 and we decided to go for it. The best part about the HD 36 is its compact size - it is just enough for loading all Read More 9