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    Arnulfo Jul 09, 2021 for UD Quester CDE

    My company recently assigned the UD Quester CDE to me and I am thrilled with the driving experience of this truck. While other drivers in our forum used to compliment the vehicle, I did not understand its worth. Now that I have been driving it for over a month, I can see what the fuss is all about. It has Read More 1

  • P
    Putera Jul 09, 2021 for UD Quester CKE

    Our bike manufacturing company owners were looking for a massive trailer to transport all their bikes from the factory to the nearby dealerships. They recently bought the UD Quester CKE and all us truck drivers have had the opportunity of driving it for a week. The truck was extremely smooth to use and cut corners easily despite its size. The Read More 1

  • T
    Timothy Jul 08, 2021 for UD Croner PKE

    The UD Croner PKE has been a part of my transportation business for a really long time. I invested in the Croner PKE along with two others when my previous two broke down. It has been assigned to many truck drivers since and all of them praised it for its amazing performance. Not only did they find the handling of Read More 2

  • N
    Neruson Jul 08, 2021 for UD Croner LKE

    My company recently bought the UD Croner LKE and assigned it to me as a garbage pickup truck. While it did meet the company’s criteria of a large storage truck, even I personally fell in love with its smooth performance. It is very easy to handle on both the city roads and highways. While newcomers might have some difficulty due Read More 1

  • F
    Faustino Jul 08, 2021 for UD Quester GWE

    My company bought the UD Quester GWE a few months back and assigned it to me. Although they bought it mainly for its huge storage size, I was impressed with its driving experience. While I did face some problems adjusting to it, the problem was eradicated after just a week of driving. I have even taken this trailer on whole Read More 1