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  • N
    Neruson Jul 21, 2021 for Hino FL10

    I am very impressed with the load capacity offered by Hino FL 10 as it can carry up to 18,000 kg without any issue. I have even loaded the truck completely and the engine offered was powerful enough to transport it without any stress. Another factor that I liked was the cooling system on offer as I never faced issues Read More 6

  • J
    Jacob Jul 05, 2021 for Hino XZU730L

    We have been using the Hino XZU 730L for the past year for transporting all our products from our factory to our warehouse. The best part about the truck is its spacious cargo hold. The size is perfect for accommodating all our products and saving us any extra trips. The truck also comes with all the necessary safety features and Read More 13

  • M
    Mateo Jul 05, 2021 for Hino XZU710L

    My company has been using the efficient Hino XZU 710L for over 3 months and we are very happy with its performance and service. Being a medium-sized business, we needed a trailer big enough for fitting all our products and transporting them in one go. The XZU 710L performs that task easily, saving us multiple trips and a lot of Read More 6

  • A
    Abraham Jul 05, 2021 for Hino XZU600L

    We bought the Hino XZU 600L last month based on a friend’s recommendation. While we were a little skeptical about its performance as a lesser-known brand, we were pleasantly surprised by this underrated gem. The storage space is even bigger than we anticipated and is just right for a big business like ours. This saves us multiple trips and a Read More 21

  • A
    Alexsander Jul 02, 2021 for Hino XZU342L

    The Hino XZU342I is indeed a truck that you can bet on. The driverability of the vehicle and functionality as mentioned in the spec sheet, it is one of the most reliable vehicles that money can buy you at the suggested range. I have been using the truck for a year now and I can say that it is one Read More 3