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Check out the 2022 Isuzu price list in the Philippines. As of 20 June 2022, Isuzu truck prices start at ₱1.205 Million for the most inexpensive model N-Series and goes up to ₱5.75 Million for the most expensive truck model Isuzu C-Series. Currently Isuzu is offering 4 new truck models in the Philippines. The Isuzu F-Series, Isuzu N-Series, Isuzu C-Series are the most popular trucks from Isuzu in their respective truck segments.

Isuzu Philippines has a line-up of 1 Pickup (Isuzu E-Series), 2 Deck Body (Isuzu N-Series, F-Series), 2 Box Body (Isuzu N-Series, F-Series), 3 Tractor Head Trailer (Isuzu F-Series, C-Series, E-Series). Zigwheels provides you the Isuzu Philippines price list for June 2022, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

Isuzu Trucks Price List

Isuzu Models Price List
Isuzu N-Series ₱1.32 - 1.75 Million
Isuzu F-Series ₱2.26 - 3.74 Million
Isuzu C-Series ₱5.05 - 5.75 Million
Isuzu E-Series ₱4.55 - 5.4 Million

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There are 1 authorized Isuzu truck dealers across 1 cities in the Philippines.

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Isuzu Traviz, NLR85E travel 1,000 kms on one tank of fuel in eco run
Isuzu Traviz, NLR85E travel 1,000 kms on one tank of fuel in eco run MANILA: Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) recorded 1,063 kilometers and a total of 21.26kpl for the Isuzu Traviz in the Isuzu... May 04, 2022 Dylan Afuang

Isuzu Trucks User Reviews

  • N
    Nhomer Jul 22, 2021 for Isuzu C-Series

    I have been a truck driver for almost a decade. While I have driven many models, the Isuzu C Series particularly stood out for its superb performance. I have driven both the models from this series - the CYZ 52 and the CYH 52 and both were equally good. Their handling was very smooth which is surprising especially for a Read More 128

  • J
    Jonathan Jul 22, 2021 for Isuzu E-Series

    Our construction house has been using vehicles from the Isuzu E Series for almost 2 years and these trailers have never disappointed us. We mainly use two models - the EXR 52 F and the EXZ 52 K. the best part about these trailers is that they require very low maintenance. Servicing once a year keeps them nifty and powerful. Read More 68

  • T
    Tristan Jul 22, 2021 for Isuzu F-Series

    Our manufacturing company required an additional trailer to transport our products from the factory to the nearby warehouse. We got the Isuzu F Series - the FVM 34W model. We specifically chose the Isuzu F Series for its massive storage space and it did not disappoint. It can easily pack in a day’s worth of production and saves us multiple Read More 137

  • F
    Firash Jul 22, 2021 for Isuzu N-Series

    We have had the Isuzu N Series vehicles for a long time at our manufacturing factory. We generally use them for transporting all the heavy materials like lumber and pipes and it manages to handle the heavy items very well. We specifically use the NQR 75L which also comes with an option of a 5-speed manual gearbox. This really enhances Read More 438

  • T
    Tyrone Jul 07, 2021 for Isuzu N-Series

    I have been assigned with driving the Isuzu N Series ever since my company got it a few months back and I am thrilled with this opportunity. The storage size is big enough to transport several pipes at one go which was a necessity for my company. Not only is the trailer easy to handle, but its cabin size is Read More 143