Why your business needs Truck Protect by Standard Insurance

Why your business needs Truck Protect by Standard Insurance

For most businesses, a truck is an essential tool as it enables the transport of valuable cargo that is needed for operations. Thus, it is also important to get quality comprehensive insurance for your truck (or fleet of trucks) to be protected in case a vehicle gets into an accident.

Having said that, Standard Insurance offers quality comprehensive truck insurance protection. We take a closer look at Truck Protect and what it promises.

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

The CPTL is mandated by the law when registering a truck with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It protects the policyholder against liability of death or bodily injury to a third party arising from an accident caused by the insured truck.

Voluntary Third Party Liability (VTPL) / Excess Bodily Injury (EBI)

Since the CTPL coverage is limited to P100,000 only, the VTPL covers the indemnities beyond the limits set forth under CPTL. It shoulders the expenses incurred for liabilities arising indemnities to a third party.

Third Party Property Damage (TPPD)

If the insured vehicle causes damage to a property owned by a third party, the TPPD will protect the policyholder against the liability. The restoration of any damage to property will be covered under Truck Protect.

Own Damage (OD)

If the insured truck gets damaged due to accidental collision, overturning, falling, and malicious acts of a third party, the insurance will shoulder the expenses for its restoration.


This insurance coverage indemnifies the policyholder in case the insured truck or its parts get lost due to acts of thieves or carnappers.

Personal Accident Insurance Rider (Auto-PA Coverage)

The Auto-PA coverage financially protects the driver and the passengers of an insured truck against bodily injury or death due to vehicular accident. It shoulders the expenses for the hospitalization and medical needs of the injured occupants.

Acts of Nature Coverage

This is an optional coverage that requires additional premium. The Acts of Nature coverage protects the insured truck against damage caused by earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, lightning fire, and other natural calamities. This guarantees that the insured truck will easily be restored in case it gets damaged due to acts of nature.

For inquiries about Standard Insurance Truck Protect, log on to the Contact Us page on its official website here, call its customer service hotline at (+632) 8845-111, send an email to inquiry@standard-insurance.com, or visit any of their offices nationwide.

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