Isuzu PH turns over first N-Series Smoother truck to lighting supplier

Isuzu PH turns over first N-Series Smoother truck to lighting supplier

MANILA: Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) turned over the first N-Series Smoother truck in the country to Kimwealth Infinity Marketing Corporation, a lighting fixture and electrical device supplier based in Quezon City.


  • How does the Isuzu N-Series Smoother's automated manual transmission (AMT) work?

    Basically, the N-Series Smoother's AMT allows the driver to shift gears manually without using a clutch.
  • What powers the N-Series Smoother?

    The N-Series Smoother truck packs a three-liter turbodiesel with 124ps and 354Nm of pull.
  • The N-Series Smoother is a light-duty truck, which is the only one in its class locally that features an automated manual transmission, IPC boasted. 

    Vice President of Kimwealth Infinity Corporation Minelli Ong said that because of business expansion, the company decided to acquire the N-Series Smoother. Kimwealth has also always been satisfied with the service of Isuzu Quezon Avenue (QA). 

    “Isuzu QA has always been our dealer over the years. They ensure to provide the best-quality trucks and other vehicles and provide the best after-sales service,” Ong expressed. 

    Isuzu N-Series Smoother

    The company VP also cited the benefits of the N-Series Smoother as another reason to purchase the truck. She found the truck to be easy to drive with its automatic transmission, while bringing the efficiency of a manual gearbox. 

    Isuzu QA Branch Manager Ranvin Jarina explained further how the truck's automated manual transmission (AMT) works: "It operates without the clutch pedal and achieves automatic shift change by computer control.

    Because it has no clutch pedal, it is economical because there is no need to spend on clutch maintenance and no downtime due to clutch component breakdown.”

    With the the two-pedal operation, the driver does not have to worry about shifting gears, allowing him or her to concentrate on the road ahead, IPC said. The transmission will also prevent the driver from experiencing excess fatigue. 

    Isuzu N-Series Smoother Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

    Isuzu N-Series Smoother 2-Pedal Operation

    The N-Series Smoother is powered by a three-liter, four-cylinder, turbo-intercooler diesel engine that churns out 124ps and 354Nm. The engine is mated to Isuzu’s AMT, codenamed MYY6S, which features six speeds.

    The truck has a gross vehicle weight of 4,990 kilograms and can be fitted with various body applications.

    For comfort and peace of mind, the N-Series Smoother comes with a tuner radio with USB and two speakers, charger port, cab power window, central door lock, and cab tilt warning system. A three-year and unlimited mileage warranty comes bundled with the purchase. 

    Isuzu N-Series Smoother

    "This Isuzu model has long been existing and is highly popular in the overseas market. And we are confident our newest light duty truck model will have good market acceptance," IPC President Hajime Koso boasted in a release. 

    "In 2020, we finished as Philippine’s top truck brand, making us the number-one truck brand for 21 years in a row. This year, with the N-Series Smoother, we want to take the same lead," he added. 

    Photos from Isuzu Philippines Corporation

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