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  • N
    Neruson Sep 23, 2021 for Hino XZU710L

    The XZU710L is a truck that you can drive on any road surface and in any weather condition. I have been using this truck for my business for a long time now and I have not yet faced any issues from this truck. The design of this truck is quite modern as compared to other trucks in the market. Apart Read More

  • T
    Timothy Sep 23, 2021 for Hino XZU730L

    The XZU730L is a very reliable truck when it comes to carrying out transport duties. The engine has a good amount of potential in it and it can easily move the truck despite the heavy load. The engine is quite economical and it can easily help you reach above the 80kmph mark without much effort. As far as the durability Read More

  • g
    George Sep 23, 2021 for Hino FM1A

    The FM1A is a powerful truck from Hino that boasts a capable engine with an enormous power and torque output. The front fascia of this truck is enough to remind you of its power and capability. The large grille at the front flanked by bold headlamps imparts a daunting look to this truck. Thanks to the large windscreen, you get Read More

  • J
    Joshua Sep 23, 2021 for Hino FS1E

    The FS1E is one of the best trucks in the market when it comes to hauling heavy containers from one place to another. This truck is best-suited for long distance journeys because of its spacious cabin that offers good legroom and headspace to the driver. The large windshield offers a good view of the road ahead which comes in handy Read More

  • C
    Christian Sep 23, 2021 for Hino FS2P

    The FS2P is a truck that is a must-have for a business that often requires to transport goods over long distances. The durability and economical performance of this truck are two of the most important factors that make it ideal for your business. The truck can easily transport heavy goods without giving any issues in terms of maintenance or durability. Read More