Isuzu PH hands over new tractor head to logistics firm

Isuzu PH hands over new tractor head to logistics firm

MANILA: Representatives of the country's top truck manufacturer, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), along with transport and logistics services company Neoji Trucking Services and Isuzu Cavite were present at the turnover ceremony of a brand-new EXZ77N truck last November 19.

Receiving the key to the EXZ77N truck from IPC Assistant Division Head for Sales Hirotu Nakaguro were Neoji Trucking Services representatives Oliver Osias, Angel Mark Salvador, Nelson Milana, Edwin Balaton,  Joseph Raya, and. Ian Panelo III. Isuzu Cavite, which assisted in the first procurement of Neoji for an Isuzu-branded Category V truck, was represented during the ceremony by Brand Manager Valance Mauricio.

Afterwards, the Truck Elite team of Isuzu Cavite held an orientation for the Neoji drivers and officers on the top-notch features of the EXZ77N truck model.

Neoji Trucking Services, a sister company of Philindo Express — a certified logistics partner for an acclaimed pharmaceutical giant since 2002 — is also meant to become the transport partner of the pharmaceutical company.

The procurement of its first EXZ77N truck contributes to the reliability, flexibility, efficiency, and power of the logistics range of Neoji, and will aid the company in satisfying or even going beyond the expectations of large-scale associates.

Neoji also made an announcement during the ceremony regarding their procurement of another brand-new EXZ77N truck this December.

Isuzu EXZ77N truck

The truck has a fuel-efficient 6UZ1-TCG50 engine matched to a ZF16 speed multi-stage transmission, which is engineered under the Euro V Blue Power technology that optimizes torque and power output at a towing condition appropriate for travel and hauling without having to compromise fuel efficiency.

These trucks are engineered for long-haul comfort, fitted with cutting-edge convenience like a semi-round driver panel for high-end interior ambience and convenience, air suspension seats ergonomically built for ultimate driving comfort, and instrument clusters with highly visible multi-information display for improved driving control.

As far as safety is concerned, the latest E-Series trucks are fitted with broad multi-sectional side view mirrors providing wide-angle views of the passenger and driver sides and the standard anti-lock brake system,  which aid in avoiding contact accidents and “underruns” during merging and turn maneuvers. The wheel parking and trailer brakes are conveniently positioned at the driver side for automatic control and more effective reach.

Currently, the EXZ77N trucks of IPC are priced competitively and provide exceptional value for money compared to other new or secondhand trucks in the industry. This makes it the preferred brand for businesses that are conscious of their budgets.

As part of the assurance that comes with the purchase of these trucks, customers will not just receive a dependable Isuzu tractor head, but they can also obtain unrivaled Isuzu E-Series benefits.

For its exterior and interior, the new E-Series is prepared to haul every Filipino delivery and logistics business through the most difficult times and help them navigate the new normal towards a revitalized economy.

For more information on the reliable and durable trucks and commercial vehicles of Isuzu Philippines, visit the company's website here.

Photos from Isuzu Philippines Corporation

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