On/ art display showcases Lexus LF-Z Electrified, 'future-oriented approach' to design

On/ art display showcases Lexus LF-Z Electrified, 'future-oriented approach' to design

MANILA: Lexus unveiled the On/ art Design Miami art installation. The gallery features the LF-Z Electrified concept car and the ideas of architect Germane Barnes and the University of Miami School of Architecture. 


  • What can the public see at the On/ art display?

    The Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept car, and the works of architecture students and architect Germane Barnes will be showcased.
  • What are the highlights of the Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept?

    The EV features four-wheel drive, a minimalist interior, and artificial intelligence tech.
  • The On/ "is inspired by the LF-Z Electrified Concept car... and embodies the human-centered, future-oriented approach to design and craftsmanship that the automotive brand and Barnes share," Lexus said in a release. 

    The installation is centered around a precise scale of the LF-Z  rendered in steel and illuminated with embedded LED lighting. The frame of the car glows and is suspended just above the ground.

    Two swings anchor the display, each suspended within illuminated arches. This is complemented by furniture with embedded LED lighting designed by Barnes and his team specifically for the installation.

    The furniture allow for rest and reflect the brand’s commitment to the principle of omotenashi (exceptional hospitality), Lexus explained. 

    Lexus LF-Z at On/ Participants can create their own lighting designs for the On/ display, altering the color of various features including the walls, car, swings, and furniture. Barnes and his team will select a series of the user-generated designs to showcase onsite. 

    “As a global brand with commitment to the Japanese design principles of takumi (expert craftsmanship) and omotenashi (exceptional hospitality) and a mission to build towards a carbon-neutral future, Lexus embodies elements that are essential markers of high-quality design for today, while also echoing my personal values,” Barnes commented.Lexus LF-Z at On/ He is a assistant professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture and principal architect at Studio Barnes. 

    Design Miami/ runs until December 5 online and in person at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

    Lexus said the LF-Z Electrified shows the driving performance, styling, and technology that will be seen in future EVs from the Japanese carmaker.

    Lexus LF-Z ElectrifiedThe LF-Z electrified running gear and battery assembly is placed in the middle of the car in order to create a more rigid chassis and improved driving dynamics. The car has an estimated range of 600 kilometers and a  four-wheel drive system called "DIRECT4."

    Inside, the LF-Z Electrified cockpit was designed based on the new concept of tazuna (rein). 

    With this concept, the steering wheel switches and the vehicle's head-up display are designed with the driver's concentration in mind.

    Lexus LF-Z ElectrifiedThe minimalist interior seamlessly connects the cowl to the front doors and on to the rear doors. A panoramic roof uses long plates of glass to create a sense openness of inside. 

    The LF-Z will also feature artificial intelligence (AI) tech that will help the driver plot routes and even make restaurant reservations. 

    Photos from Lexus

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