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Standard Insurance Company, Inc. provides car insurance, residential/property insurance, business insurance, truck/cargo/marine insurance, travel insurance, and cellphone insurance. Since 1998, the company has been ISO-certified for its quality management systems. In 2023, it was hailed as the Best Non-Life Insurance Company in the Philippines by World Finance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Standard Car Insurance

  • Why does a Car owner need the Standard Insurance Car Protect Insurance?

    Standard Insurance Car Protect covers most of the costs needed when the insured vehicle gets in a road accident, becomes a victim of carnapping or theft, or sustains damage from a natural calamity.

  • What does Car Protect Insurance cover?

    Car Protect Insurance gives the insured vehicle protection against own damage, theft, compulsory third party liability (CPTL), excess bodily injury (EBI), acts of nature (AON), third party property damage (TPPD), and personal accident (PA). It also provides loss of use coverage and roadside assistance.

  • What is Compulsory Third Party Liability?

    Compulsory Third Party Liability (CPTL) is a coverage mandated by law when registering a motor vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It protects the policyholder against liability for bodily injury or death of a third party due to an accident wherein the insured vehicle is involved.

  • How much is the maximum benefit covered by CPTL?

    The maximum benefit for CPTL is P100,000. The indemnities beyond this limit will be covered by the insurance under excess bodily injury (EBI).

  • How much is the maximum benefit provided for third party property damage (TPPD)?

    Standard Insurance will settle a valid claim of up to P500,000 for damages to a third-party property arising from an accident caused by the insured vehicle.

  • If the insured vehicle gets involved in an accident, how much is the maximum benefit provided for the injury or death of its passengers?

    For a sedan, pickup, or van, Standard Insurance will settle a valid claim of up to P50,000 per person, up to five persons. For an SUV, Standard Insurance will settle a valid claim of up to P100,000 per person, up to seven persons.

  • How much benefit is given under the loss of use coverage?

    The policyholder shall receive a transportation allowance of P500 per day, for up to 15 days, while the insured vehicle is under repair.

  • What roadside assistance services does Standard Insurance’s Car Protect Insurance provide?

    The Car Protect Insurance provides towing service, battery boosting, locksmith, and personal assistance.

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