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Get an instant estimate of your motorcycle loan EMI with Zigwheels's user-friendly loan calculator. Simply enter the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate, then hit 'Apply Now' to see your personalized EMIs in seconds.

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*Rate of interest can vary subject to credit profile. Loan approval is at the sole discretion of the finance partner.

*Fees such as insurance, administrative, provision fees, etc. are not included in the simulation.

*The simulation is only a general description and is not the actual amount. The final amount will be determined by the financier.

Our Lending Partners

We are associated with a number of reputed motorcycle financial institutions in the Philippines that provide assistance to buyers.

Eligibility & Documents Required for Motorcycle Loan

  • Eligibility
  • Documents
  • Filipino citizen between the age of 21 - 65 years, however, not exceeding 65 years at the time of loan maturity
  • Foreign citizens residing in the Philippines with a positive endorsement from the company he/she is affiliated with along with a qualified Filipino citizen guarantor or co-maker
  • Filipino citizens residing outside the Philippines with qualified Filipino citizen guarantor or co-maker
  • Applicant must be employed or have a regular income source from a legitimate business
Basic Requirements
  • Latest Proof of Billing
  • At least two valid goverment issued IDs with the photo and signature of the borrower/spouse/co-borrower/co-maker/signatories of the loan
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Signed auto application form (as provided by the bank)
For Individual
  • Auto Loan Application Form (fully completed and signed)
  • Copy of government-issued ID
  • Latest BIR Form 2316 or 3 months pay slip or Certificate of Employment (COE)
For Corporate
  • Latest BIR Form 1701
  • Latest copy of Audited Financial Statement, Certificate of Registration, SEC, GIS, Articles of Partnership/Incorporation, By-laws Company Profile
  • Certificate of Business Registration with DTI or Business Permit or SEC
  • List of Suppliers & Trade References with contact information
For broad working individual (OFW)
  • Proof of remittance (last three months or more)
  • Latest crew contract for individuals working as a Seafarer/Seaman
  • Latest employment contract authenticated by the Philippine Consulate

FAQ’s on Motorcycle Loan Calculator

How to Use a Motorcycle Loan EMI Calculator?

    Using a motorcycle loan EMI calculator is relatively simple and straightforward. The following are the steps to use a motorcycle loan EMI calculator:
  • Enter the loan amount: The first step is to enter the amount of loan you wish to take for the motorcycle.
  • Enter the interest rate: The second step is to enter the interest rate offered on the loan by the lender.
  • Enter the loan tenure: The third step is to enter the tenure or the duration of the loan in months.
  • Click on "Apply Loan": Once you have entered all the required information, click on the "Apply Loan" button to get the EMI.
  • View the EMI: The calculator will then display the EMI that you need to pay every month to repay the loan.

What are the benefits of using an online Motorcycle Loan EMI Calculator?

    Convenience: Online motorcycle loan EMI calculators can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  • Speed and accuracy: Online calculators are quick and efficient in providing accurate EMI calculations.
  • Comparison: Online calculators allow users to compare different loan options based on interest rates, tenures, and down payments.
  • Cost-effective: Online calculators are free to use and don't require any additional costs.
  • Helps in planning: Knowing the EMI amount can help users plan their budget and finances, and make an informed decision about whether to take the loan or not. Additionally, it allows users to estimate the cost of a motorcycle.

What is a motorcycle loan?

    A motorcycle loan helps a buyer with the purchase of a motorcycle. The lender can be a bank or financial institution which will lend money to the applicant. The loan is required to be repaid by the borrower with interest over a predetermined timespan.
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What is the eligibility criteria to apply for a motorcycle loan in the Philippines?

    To apply for a motorcycle loan, one needs to fulfill the following eligibility criteria -
  • Age between 21 to 65 years
  • Good credit score
  • Applicant must be employed or have a regular income source from a legitimate business

What motorcycles can be financed?

    In Philippines, All motorcycle brands can be financed. Zigwheels provides loan for the following brands:

What documents are required for a motorcycle loan application?

    Following documents are required to submit with a motorcycle loan application -
  • Proof of Billing
  • At least two valid IDs
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Signed application forms (as provided by the bank)

What are the things to keep in mind before taking a bike loan?

    Before taking a bike loan, a borrower should consider the following things -
  • Credit score
  • Rate of interests
  • Loan tenure
  • Down payment
  • Payment options

Is it required to make a downpayment while taking a bike loan?

    Making a down payment depends on the dealer and bank. It ranges from 8% to 30% depending on the type of bike and bank.

Can a borrower negotiate motorcycle loan interest rates?

    Interest rate negotiation depends on the bank and dealer.

Can the downpayment be increased for lower monthly payment?

    Yes. A borrower can go for higher down payment leading to a lower monthly payment.

What is the interest rate on a bike loan?

    The interest rates of motorcycle loans in the Philippines range between 3% to 8%.

Which Philippines bank offers the best motorcycle loan?

    Several banks in the Philippines offer motorcycle loans at competitive interest rate and repayment terms. It is best to compare the deals available by different banks and opt the one that suits you best.

How long does the motorcycle loan application procedure take?

    Depending on the lender, the loan application process can be quick; as some lenders have easy and light requirements.

How can I apply for a motorcycle loan?

    At the time of buying a motorcycle, a dealer/ agent offers the best loan options.

What are normal motorcycle loan terms in the Philippines ?

    A typical motorcycle loan term is offered at 36, 48, and 60 months.

Why should you get a motorcycle loan?

    There are several reasons to apply for a motorcycle loan.
  • Quick & effortless application process
  • Keep your savings & emergency fund intact
  • Low interest rate

What are the major motorcycle financing options available in the Philippines?

    Borrowers can choose between several financing options including bank financing, dealership financing, home equity loan, and credit card.

What kind of loan can a borrower get for a motorcycle?

    Borrowers can choose between several financing options including bank financing, dealership financing, home equity loan, and credit card.

What kind of loan can a borrower get for a motorcycle?

    There are two main types of loan products - secured and unsecured.

What factors determine my motorcycle loan eligibility?

    Motorcycle Loan eligibility is determined by a few crucial factors, comprising your income, previous loans, etc.

Why did my motorcycle loan application form get rejected?

    Some of the reasons leading to the rejection of a bike loan application include - non-fulfillment of document requirement and poor or no credit score.

What can I do if my application for a motorcycle loan gets rejected?

    If your initial bike loan application gets rejected, consider taking any of the following possible steps-
  • Approach another bank or financial institution
  • Choose a cheaper bike
  • Apply with a higher down payment amount
  • Settle your existing loans

Can I take a motorcycle loan, if I already have taken another loan?

    Yes, a borrower can team a motorcycle loan with an existing loan. However, a great credit and 43% debt-to-income ratio or less following the loan is required.

Which motorcycle can be purchased on loan?

    All motorcycles can be purchased on loan. Zigwheels Philippines offers credit services for several brands.

How can I increase my chances of getting a motorcycle loan approval?

    An applicant can approve the chances of getting a loan by -
  • Meeting all the motorcycle loan requirements
  • Selecting all existing debts/loan

Can Zigwheels help a motorcycle loan applicant?

    With the help of Zigwheels’ Motorcycle Loan calculator, a borrower can calculate the estimated monthly amounts to be repaid. The applicant can also fill out the application form available on the Zigwheels website to start processing your loan. Note, the approval of the loan solely depends on the lending institution.
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